Heather Thomson

Those were Aviva Drescher's famous last words on the season finale of "Real Housewives of New York" as she removed her prosthetic leg and chucked it across the table of Le Cirque. And while viewers sat at home in awe, fellow "RHONY" cast member Heather Thomson looked in the other direction and laughed, remembering that Drescher had conceived of this outrageous plan long before it happened.

Thomson: "In that situation, you saw a lot of different reactions. You saw shock, you saw laughter, you saw, 'Ugh, I'm not surprised.' It was planned by Aviva. She had planned to do this. Call it her swan song or whatever you want to call it."

During her HuffPost Live interview on Wednesday, Thomson recalled how Drescher had told her of her plans to "go after Bravo for a little more money" in exchange for her removing her prosthetic leg.

Thomson: "I knew she was going to pull it off. I said to Kristen [Taekman], I mumbled under my breath, 'Be careful ... she's going to throw her leg at you.' I just had a feeling."