Story By G. H. Harding
Kevin Spacey

SAG AWARDS --- As awards fatigue sets in, Saturday night was the SAG Awards (PGA Awards last night); with most of the winners the same from last week’s Globes and this past week’s Critic’s Choice Awards. It’s now time for a break; seven weeks till the Oscars.

I'm glad American Hustle finally came into play winning the SAG-award for outstanding cast over the much-acclaimed historical drama 12 Years a Slave. The event was held Saturday night at Los Angeles’ be-dazzled Shrine Auditorium. The Shrine is like an airplane hangar, but it looked most seductive and twinkling this night.

The night's winners included Matthew McConaughey for his lead role in Dallas Buyers Club and Lupita Nyong’o for her role in Slave. Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad took home his second lead actor award, to go with his recent Globe win and his numerous Emmy's. It’s a damn shame that Kevin Spacey (House Of Cards) is getting nudged out; as his work was spot-on excellent, but it was Bad’s final year and they're certainly going out in style.

Jared Leto won again for best supporting actor and is on track, as with McConaughey for Oscar wins. Leto was honored for playing the gaunt transsexual Rayon, alongside McConaughey’s Texas cowboy in Dallas Buyers Club. He dedicated the award to those who have died of AIDS and to “the Rayons of the world.” Great speech.

His co-star’s speech was one of the more energetic of the evening: McConaughey rhapsodized about the glory of acting like it was space travel: “It feels like they could put a blindfold on you and put you in a spaceship and take you to Neptune and you could hop off on the planet and they better have the sprockets rolling when you get off that spaceship because you are going to behave as your man."

Say what you will; but, Dallas Buyers Club is just an outstanding and ambitious piece of work; hard at moments to look and, but just a great, great movie. Ben (Bat) Affleck was there to hand out the final award (as was a sullen looking Robert DeNiro), and looked so glum. I'm tempted to say why so glum Ben? Maybe he found out his Batman/Superman-epic has been pushed back a few months. All in all, another satisfying night from the Left Coast.

ENTOURAGE A GO GO --- Doug Ellin’s Entourage movie began lensing last week after years of negotiations and near-starts. Has it been too long since the series officially wrapped up on HBO? Me, I just loved the show with its hilarious take on show biz in Hollywood. Funny thing was, Ellin based most of the characters on real-life characters. Martin Landau’s snobbish producer reportedly was based on producer Robert Evans.

Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) was marginally talented, but when he hit it big in the movie Aquaman … he was Hollywood-gold. For me, the character of Ari Gold (based on agent Ari Emanuel) was priceless. Essayed by funnyman Jeremy Piven, he was totally merciless, but with a heart of gold. His character made the phrase hug it out a national past time.

When we last left the boys, Vince tells the gang that he's flying to Paris in a few hours to marry Sophia. Eric quits his job and announces that he's moving to New York to try to be a good father for his child. Turtle and Drama try to convince Sloan to forgive Eric and fly to Paris for the wedding. She's on the fence, until Vince seals the deal by giving her a heartfelt speech about Eric. In the meantime, Ari quits his job for his family and reconciles with his wife. In the end, the entourage meets up at the airport where Sloan forgives Eric and together they fly away to a destination of their choice, compliments of Vince.

Meanwhile, Vince, Sophia, Drama, Turtle, Ari and Mrs. Ari fly to Paris for Vince's wedding while Scott stays behind in Los Angeles, presumably to continue looking after the day-to-day running of the Murphy Lavin Group agency.

In the post-credits scene, Ari and Mrs. Ari are busy resting on the Amalfi Coast when movie-mogul John Ellis suddenly calls. John explains to Ari that he wants to retire, and wants him to take his place as chairman and CEO of Time Warner. The final scene shows Ari contemplating the offer. Got that all?

Harold and Agatha: The Mysterious Jewel

CLOSING NOTES --- Micky Dolenz’s daughter, actress Ami Dolenz is out with her first children’s book; titled Harold and Agatha: The Mysterious Jewel (Friesen Press). In it, Dolenz uses two characters: a stepbrother and sister to convey the importance of getting along and working together.

Harold and Agatha was inspired by stories her father, Micky told her when she would visit him in England. Here’s the link for the book: and

Speaking of Micky, he’ll be part of the CNN special on The Beatles 50th anniversary called The Sixties – The British Invasion at 9:00 PM January 30. Tom Hank’s production company, Playtone, produced it for CNN …

There’s a new release from a new artist, of the classic “Nessun Dorma.” It’s brash, brusk and really does no good to this wonderful song. Sort of makes you wonder what the producers (and, artist) were thinking about in the first place. Also, this recent A/C duet, based on the classic Canon in D by Pachelbel, makes no sense either. Try this version – much more soothing and appropriate…


Dayme attended Debra L. Rothenberg's show at the Rock Paper Photo pop-up store celebrating her new photo book on Bruce Springsteen, In Focus -1980 - 2012 ...

And, who knew Hoboken had their own Mayor? In my 59-years, this is the first time I knew it. Amazing! …

And, finally: after the success of Carrie Underwood in The Sound of Music … Peter Pan will be the next live-presentation. Who should play Peter?