Photos By: James Edstrom

Rita Cosby With Kevin Spacey And Tomaczek Bednarek

Rachel Pickup With Alan Cox

Rita Cosby With Tara Fowler, Montel Williams And Deepak Chopra

Emma Myles

Tommy Tune

Jill Martin

Zineb Oukach

Patricia Clarkson

Tony lo Bianco

Kathleen Turner With Rita Cosby

Baz Luhrmann

Hannah Yelland

Evan Jonigkeit

Derek Warburton

Anthony Rapp

Darlene Love

Jenna And Rosanna Scotto With Rita Cosby

Susan Lucci

Wrenn Schmidt And Johnny Orsini

 Jackie Cruz With Alicia Reiner

New York's Lincoln Center was the place to be when 134 young musicians from over 50 countries shared the passion of their talents last week in the name of peace.

Introduced by Kevin Spacey, the concert was a big success and the organizers were excited to have laid the groundwork to mount this magnificent concert again next year.

Young musicians rehearsed tirelessly for a month, and in the end, truly shined and presented themselves as some of the most exquisite music ambassadors their home countries could have ever hoped for.

Major talents who turned out for the historic concert included Deepak Chopra, Rita Cosby, Montel Williams, Susan Lucci and Kathleen Turner.  In addition, a celebrated host committee for the event with Denzel Washington, Neil Sedaka, Tony Orlando, Dionne Warwick, Lee Greenwood, Sigourney Weaver, and astronaut Buzz Aldrin lent their names in support.

As Tomaczek Bednarek (WPO coordinating producer) made note, "it was a real honor to create lasting memories with such a celebrated and magnificent list of ‘star partners’ … I think for everyone here, this evenings event will forever hold a very special place in their hearts.” The singer-songwriter and producer went on to say, "The excellence and brilliance of the music which these young musicians poured out from the stage, truly gives us confidence that no matter what our backgrounds, no matter what cultural differences we have… through music, we can all speak and hear in one voice… and embrace the song and message of peace.”

Tomaczek then noted that, "…every young musician in this orchestra brought something incredibly unique to what we experienced. Not only because of the vast differences in their situations, but also that which is embodied within their own creative brilliance… and the magnificence of the music which overflowed through each one of them distinctively and powerfully tonight!" The World Peace Orchestra truly delivered an amazing event.


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