By: G. H. Harding

Kevin Spacey

Emmy Dearest --- Last week’s Emmy’s nominations declared once and for all - that all of the great drama series out now, are not on the networks anymore, but on cable. Netflix’s terrific House Of Cards, was nominated for a Best Drama Series; as well as its stars Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright. CBS’ Good Wife, which has been nominated every year since its inception, didn't make the list this year either; USA’s Political Animals (now canceled) was nominated too, as well as the superlative Homeland.

One bone I've got with the Emmy-people (and, I'm not alone it seems) is over the fact that although Mad Men got nominated for Best Drama (and, star Jon Hamm); none of its episodes were nominated for Best Writing Awards. How it that possible? Creator Matt Weiner is writing Shakespeare and for him not to have been properly recognized is a true shame (his episode this season “The Quality Of Mercy” was an instant classic). 

Jane Fonda nabbed a nomination (her first in some 30 years) for her portrayal of Leona Lansing in HBO’s The Newsroom, as well as star Jeff Daniels; both richly deserved. Broadway-fave John Slattery, who we adore here, from Mad Men … nada. He’s been shunned year after year here and it is truly a shame; as some of his best work yet has been on this show. 

Also, The Office, which just finished its outstanding run … nothing either. On the plus side, HBO’s Beyond The Candelabra …. 15 nominations. And, it was a rather sumptuous affair as stars Michael Douglas, Matt Damon and Dan Aykroyd just superb. Al Pacino’s Phil Spector movie was recognized as well. 

If you ever needed proof the landscape of TV has indeed changed; this year’s ceremony was it. The 2013 Primetime Emmy Awards will be broadcast live on CBS, Sunday, Sept. 22, 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT.

DAYME ROCKIN’ --- Last year we told you about a new star on the horizon, Dayme. Last week in the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman trial and verdict; she released her own music video via You Tube called “Rock The Hoodie.” In two days it generated over 440k views and a flurry of industry attention.

According to the artist, “I did the song prior to the verdict because it was close to my heart. I never did it as a climbing the ladder strategy.” There’s no question that this is, and remains, a hot button issue. Stevie Wonder has vowed never to play in Florida again; so, it’s justifiably created a divided opinion. Check it out HERE

CORY MONTEITH UPDATE --- According to Glee-creator Ryan Murphy, Cory Monteith’s character Finn will be killed off in the third episode of the new season.

After that third episode, the show will go off the air so Murphy can figure out the next step; and, whether Lea Michele will even remain with the show. It always a dicey-situation when something like this happens; especially to such an integral character in the show. The character of Finn was just so important to the show; it’s major situation to deal with. 

According to our sources, Murphy gave several many interviews at Comic Con this past weekend, and one thing is certain: After an intervention in March, Monteith was sent to rehab. Clearly Murphy knew what was going on and did his best. I'm quite sure whatever he and his brain-trust at the show decide; it will be handled perfectly. A tragedy all around.