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Jon Gosselin

America’s Next Top Model And True Beauty’s Nolé Marin With Joan Gruen And CEO Of OPTYX By Gruen, Jon Gruen

Real Housewives Of NYC Ramona Singer With Luann De Lesseps, Jill Zarin And Alex McCord

Spectators were excited when reality TV-star Jon Gosselin of Jon & Kate Plus 8 arrived at the Mercedes-Benz Polo Challenge 2009 recently at Blue Star Jets Field. With new pal Michael Lohan and Lohan’s fiancée, Erin Muller, the three were quickly escorted to the VIP tent. Also spotted were members of the cast of The Real Housewives of New York: Alex McCord and Simon Van Kempen, Jill and Bobby Zarin, Ramona and Mario Singer, Countess LuAnn de Lesseps, and Kelly Killoren Bensimon and America’s Next Top Model and True Beauty’s Nolé Marin. For Week Two of the Challenge, White Birch (12) defeated CT/Heathcote (9) in a riveting match-up. With the first two weekends being a huge success, the rest of the season promises to offer some of the most exciting matches in the sport of polo. The sport’s greatest athletes will compete for one of polo’s most treasured prizes. The VIP tent will continue to host an invitation-only cocktail reception for exclusive guests each Saturday afternoon during the tournament. In addition, this year’s season partners, joining efforts to make this year’s Challenge the most spectacular six weeks ever, include: Mercedes-Benz, Piaget, Blue Star Jets, Ralph Lauren, Pop Chips, Nespresso, Ferreti Yachts, OPTYX by gruen, Zino Platinum, Dellis Cay, Ameriprise Financial, Covertech, Riviera South Beach Hotel, Stoli, Robert Mondavi, Basil Hayden’s, Crumbs Bakery, Vue Water, Coca-Cola, Jean Shafiroff With Sharon Bush and Alain Mikli. A portion of proceeds from the Mercedes-Benz Bridgehampton Polo Challenge will go to South Fork Breast Cancer Coalition.




Inside Blue Star Jet

As one of the world’s largest private aircraft charter broker, Blue Star Jets offers an unparalleled level of personalized service. As their motto states, ANY JET, ANY TIME, ANY PLACE™, Blue Star Jets grants clients freedom from the financial constraints of fractional jet ownership; the savings of paying only for trips taken; and the flexibility to choose the best aircraft according to a trip’s specific budget. As a response to the ever-evolving needs of their clientele, Blue Star Jets presents the July 2009 launch of the world’s first online marketplace for travelers seeking to minimize costs by sharing private jet flights— the ShareAJet Exchange. As the first site of its kind, the ShareAJet Exchange enables travelers to share flights to similar destinations. If a trip to the desired destination is not already posted, clients may upload their own travel plans with the aim of matching that with another traveler. Such a public, socially-interactive marketplace allows for clients to plan trips together. The ShareAJet Exchange will prove ideal for travel agents, flight departments, and jet charter companies, as well as corporations and individuals seeking to save up to 50% on private jet travel. This past fall, with the economy suffering a significant downturn, Blue Star Jets’ clients began inquiring if they could share private jet flights in order to maintain their luxury lifestyle, while embracing a sense of frugality. As these requests grew, it became evident that Blue Star Jets possessed the volume to launch such a program. Holding access to an extensive network of private aviation operators, the Blue Star Jets team of travel specialists negotiates competitive pricing for every flight; in turn, with such savings components in place, the ShareAJet Exchange slashes an already lowered cost, resulting in unprecedented pricing for the private aviation industry. As Blue Star Jets centralized the charter business, eliminating the need for fractional jet ownership, the ShareAJet Exchange will again lower the barrier of entry into the marketplace, as it brings down the cost of private aviation by nearly 50%. Like Blue Star Jets, ShareAJet Exchange offers access to every category of aircraft, from light, mid, and heavy jets to airliners, helicopters, and turbo props, each meeting the most stringent Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards. Founders, Pres. Todd Rome and CEO Ricky Sitomer, frustrated with the lack of service and high costs of flying privately, created Blue Star Jets, revolutionizing the private aviation charter business through centralization of a fractured marketplace. By creating a network of charter companies, Blue Star Jets has access to over 4,000 aircraft worldwide. Since 2005, the New York-based Luxury Institute has named Blue Star Jets the “Most Prestigious Private Jet Services Brands.” For more information please visit, .



James Edstrom

I just could not sleep this morning, even know I was up till 4am. People and things are bothering me. I know most of the world has it worse, but I am not happy. I am not happy with always trying to do the right thing, and so many people in this celebrity business could give a s**t about anyone else. I am not happy about going to see my doctor yesterday for a medical checkup, and I ended up ranting and raving about all the messed up people in my life the past few weeks. I had tears in my eyes as I told her the good things I have done lately and the rotten payback I ended up getting. Like I said, I got it better than most of the starving people in the world, but by New York City standards, my life sucks. Here is one story. Maybe next week I will tell another.

Most of my friends know that I took in a homeless kid a while back. Just some 18 year old I kept seeing around the neighborhood. He's 19 now, but I have my hands full. The kid was in foster homes from aged 2 to 9. He was then adopted by a woman in Pennsylvania, who allegedly used him and other kids she adopted as farm slaves, with no love or anything. Christmas and any other holidays, the kids got nothing. The kid never got any love, was beaten physically and emotionally and then when he was just about 18, dumped into a apartment in New York City, with the promise that she would pay the rent. She payed the first month, and never payed again. The kid became homeless and was sleeping in Union Square Park. After years of complaints to child services in Pennsylvania from concerned church members on how the adopted kids were being abused, the state of Pennsylvania did nothing. In fact, the woman was just allowed to adopt once again.

I have my hands full. I never raised a kid. He is smart, good looking and loving, but he is rebellious. He still has the mentality of a 15 year old, and anyone that has raised a 15 year old kid, knows how they argue and think they know it all at that age. I was never rich, because any money I have made over the years I shared with friends and family that needed help. Money never meant much to me, except to pay the bills and to help people. This kid is costing a fortune. I have been trying to get him some kind of benefits, so I can fix the damage that was done to him. My plan was simple. Get him off the street, get him some kind of benefits, then affordable housing and then bring his mind up to where it should be for a 19 year old kid. Then he could become a productive member of society and get a job. He wants to model, he's got the looks. Social Security has denied him and I have to get lawyers to fight them. Welfare denied him, because they expected him to sit in front of a computer all day and look for a job, which is impossible for him as his attention span is not that great. He also has dyslexia. It is very hard for him to read and write. He has 5th grade reading books and they are very hard for him. But, he is a very intelligent kid. My simple plan did not turn out to be so simple. I have my hands full. I have spent a fortune feeding this wonderful kid and putting clothes on his back. I have spent most of my waking hours talking to him, trying to educate him and to teach him how to be a good human being. Most of my celebrity friends are not being supportive. They do not want me to bring him to events. When I tell them stories on the kid, they act like I have jumped into the gutter. They won't and do not want to see the wonderful progress I have made with this kid. They will not accept him, and it kills me that I always support my friends, even when they make bad worldwide headlines, I'm still there supporting them. They do not understand that this kid is like my son now and should be treated with the same respect as they treat me. He should not be treated like a un-desirable. If they only got to know him a little, they would love him. I am lucky in the fact, that one of my friends, a beautiful socialite and her husband, are having one of their favorite charities help with the massive paperwork and housing problems for the kid. They are the only celebrity friends that have offered a helping hand, and they adore the kid. Their favorite charity understands what I am trying to do. I can talk to them, they have seen it all. Besides the pain of trying to raise the kid, there is the joy. Like last week when he broke up with some girl he was seeing who worked at a fast food restaurant around the corner. He found out she was dealing drugs from the place and broke up with her. He told me, "I taught him that was wrong". When I take him to the Hamptons or to Fire Island and I see the smile on his face when he meets new people and learns new things. Like 2 weeks ago when we were at the Southampton Inn and we ran into my good friend for many years, Richard Johnson from Page Six. While Richard sat down with me to try to catch up on things and to get away from all the people trying to feed him item after item, I introduced the kid. Richard asked him," How do you like living in Times Square?". The kid said," I used to get into fights. I kicked a** there until James taught me it was wrong. I was proud and at the same time I laughed. The kid had no idea he was talking to one of the most powerful men in the media. He was asked a question, and he gave his answer. Richard laughed, while all the vultures trying to get a plug on Page Six hovered around waiting for their chance and wondering why Richard was talking to this kid. When I told the kid later who he was talking too, he said he didn't care, he liked Richard. This is my kid. The joy in his eyes when he learns something and he tells me," I taught him that". Nothing in this celebrity world can beat that for me. I will probably spend my last dime helping this kid. I have two things to leave this world. My 30 years of photos that document history, and this kid who maybe will become a great member of society, and if I'm really lucky a supermodel!
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Gabrielle Union

Olivia Thirlby

Molly Sims

Jaime Ray Newman

Mandy Moore

Monet Mazur

Josie Maran

Kellan Lutz

Jessica Lowndes

Brea Grant


Michelle Borth

Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson along with Michelle Borth, Kellan Lutz, Monet Mazur, Jaime Ray Newman and many other stars attended the Express Celebrates TXT L8TR Campaign at Nobu, West in Hollywood California.
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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Smokey Robinson

Smokey Robinson And Human Nature

Smokey Robinson made a surprise appearance with Human Nature at The Imperial Palace Showroom in Las Vegas, Nevada. This stage icon really knows how to put on a great show.
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Katie Holmes

Nigel Lythgoe is defending star Katie Holmes dancing, after her performance on "So You Think You Can Dance" was called "amateurish." Katie appeared on the show's season finale and performed a singing-and- dancing tribute to Wizard Of Oz icon Judy Garland. Dance experts praised her rendition, but others were more critical and members of the public, critics and fellow dancers posted horrible reviews online on her dance. One wrote, "She tried to mimic Judy Garland but didn't come close." The bad comments prompted show judge Nigel Lythgoe to take to the Internet himself, in Katie's defense. He wrote on his page, "I'm trying to figure out why Katie is being judged as a dancer. When a (baseball) star throws out the opening pitch no one says, 'Ooh, crap pitcher.'"
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Kim Kardashian

Sexy Kim Kardashian has broken up Reggie Bush. The Reality Show Queen, and the New Orleans Saints player have split amicably, according to the brunette's publicist, who also has denied rumors of infidelity. A source told, "This is just a case of conflicting schedules and their lives going in different directions. It was a totally mutual decision."
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Cybill Shepherd

Television icon Cybill Shepherd signed autographs at the the Pix11 Morning News WPIX Studios in Manhattan early this morning. This is one star who has class. She was all smiles and signed autographs for the fans waiting outside on this hot and muggy day. The younger generation of stars, should follow Cybill's example. Never forget your fans, and be nice to everyone.
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Kate Luckinbill With Lucie Arnaz And Marilyn Maye

Matt Birdsong

Miriam Margolyes

Kate Luckinbill With Phyllis Newman And Randy Jones

Celeste Holm

Marilyn Maye

Marilyn Maye made her debut at Birdland, NYC on 44th street. Celebrities in attendance included Celeste Holm, Lucie Arnaz, Miriam Margolyes, Phyllis Newman, Janet Carroll and Randy Jones of the Village People. Award-winning jazz singer Marilyn Maye has been named an Official Jazz Legend by the American Jazz Museum and has been onstage with many of the greatest jazz performers, including Count Basie, Charlie "Bird" Parker, and Big Joe Turner. She has been dubbed "Super Singer" by Johnny Carson and "the greatest white female singer in the world" by Ella Fitzgerald. .
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009



Rihanna is denying gossip of a reunion with ex-boyfriend singer Chris Brown, and is insisting she checked into the same hotel as her former lover by "coincidence."The gossip columns were sent into a frenzy on Sunday after the New York Daily News reported the stars had both booked rooms at a posh New York City hotel. The couple split earlier this year after Brown was arrested and charged with beating the Bajan beauty during a fight in February. And speculation about a possible reunion was fueled by media reports they had both were booked into the Trump International Hotel and Tower in the Big Apple on Friday and spent the weekend there. But a representative for Rihanna has slammed the gossip, insisting the former lovers were not there together. The spokesperson tells "Access Hollywood," "This was a coincidence. She's stayed there before, as have thousands of other people."
Read The Orginal Story Here....
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Tony Romo

Pop singer Jessica Simpson is reassuring her fans that she’s getting over her break up from boyfriend Tony Romo, and is insisting she’s doing "good". Jessica was reportedly left devastated after she was dumped by the football star on the eve of her 29th birthday earlier this month. But Jessica is putting the failed relationship behind her by spending some quality time with her family. When questioned by reporters in Hollywood yesterday, where she was attending an event held by her father Joe Simpson, the Jessica told she was feeling "good". She also posted a note on her blog, saying, "Just left my dad’s new artist An-Ya’s single release celebration with my family. Good luck sweetheart! You are a doll."
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Zac Efron

Brittany Snow along with Zac Efron are going to team for a remake of classic surf movie Gidget. Miley Cyrus will be playing the surfer Gidget in the movie, with Efron slated to play her love interest, according to Sandra Dee originated the role of Gidget in the 1959 original and Sally Field took over the role of Gidget in a short-lived TV series.
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Barack Obama Is Fighting For Health Care

Singer Moby is supporting President Barack Obama's huge plans to bring health care reform in America, because he blames the current system for the death of his beloved mother.The star is claiming his mom was neglected by health insurance company officials, who insisted it was too expensive to scan her for signs of lung cancer, until the disease had taken hold of her body. He insists nationalised health care, where decisions aren’t made by profit-hungry companies, would have saved his mother. In a post online, angry Moby writes, "In 1996 my mother went to her HMO (health maintenance organization) complaining about persistent bronchitis and breathing problems. "(She) had quit smoking, but she had been a heavy, 2 pack a day, smoker for over 30 years. "The doctor gave her some antibiotics. No X-rays, no tests, just antibiotics. A month later my mother still had persistent respiratory problems. The doctor gave her more antibiotics. No X-rays, no tests. A month later (3 months now) my mother still had persistent respiratory problems. "Finally her insurance company/HMO allowed her to have X-rays. When they looked at the X-Rays they saw that she had advanced lung cancer. Why didn’t they give tests or x-rays to her the first time she came in? A woman who’d been smoking 2 packs a day for over 30 years? Because, according to her insurance company/HMO, the tests and X-rays were too expensive. Six months later my mother was dead from metastasized lung cancer. "There are millions and millions of stories similar to my mothers. People being denied health care, even when insured, for the simple reason that health care is expensive, and that insurance companies and HMO’s are more profitable when they provide less care. "America needs health care reform. Tens of millions of Americans have no insurance, and the people who do have insurance are routinely denied coverage when they’re ill."
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Meryl Streep

Yvonne Strahovski

Molly Sims

Mary Lynn Rajskub With Matthew Rolph

Julie Powell

Kaitlin Olson

Kathryn Morris

Chris Messina

Maria Menounos

Vincent Martella

Jane Lynch

Giada De Laurentiis

Ashley Greene

Brittny Gastineau

Kate Flannery

Nora Ephron With Amy Adams And Meryl Streep

Amy Adams

Amy Adams along with Kate Flannery, Meryl Streep, Nora Ephron and many other stars attended the "Julie & Julia" Los Angeles California Special Screening at the Mann Village Theatre in Westwood.
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