Fight for Ukraine: 12 Women’s War premieres this week as an opening night screening at the 14th annual Awareness Film Festival, which spotlights films that make a difference. The 81-minute documentary is the result of a dozen in-person interviews ELYSIAN Publisher Karen Floyd conducted primarily in Ukraine earlier in 2023. 

ELYSIAN an international luxury lifestyle brand created to inspire and reflect the interests of women over 40, produced Fight for Ukraine because women inspire us in the war zone as much as they do in a board room. The film tells the stories of 12 Ukrainian women from all walks of life who maintain their humanity in the face of the horror and tragedy of war. 

“ELYSIAN’s mantra is ‘Women Inspiring Woman’ … and we do that through our stories,” said Floyd, who served as the film’s director and executive producer. “The stories of these twelve women are nothing short of incredible. From safehouses near the front lines to the country’s Supreme Court, these women form the backbone of Ukraine, never breaking, always persevering… and they will carry the trauma from this for the rest of their lives.” 

Fight for Ukraine: 12 Women’s War is the latest in a growing number of short- and long-form films produced as part of the ELYSIAN ecosystem. As philanthropy is foundational to ELYSIAN, each film ends with a call to action. Fight for Ukraine will help raise money for When Life Sucks (WLS), a charity that benefits veterans across the world with post-traumatic stress disorder and other psychological scars from war. 

“The consequences of the battlefield – any battlefield – stay with us, and they don’t just affect the veteran… They affect that veteran’s family and loved ones,” said Dr. Sheri Biggs, a co-producer of the film who provides mental health services to veterans and works closely with When Life Sucks. “WLS exists to meet the mental health needs of veterans of all ages, with special emphasis on suicide prevention.” 

In addition to its Awareness Festival premiere, Fight for Ukraine has been awarded Outstanding Excellence in the Documentaries Without Borders International Film Festival; Honorable Mention in the Heart of Europe International Season Film Festival; and was named an official selection in the International New York Film Festival and ETHOS Film Awards. 

The Awareness Film Festival, taking place at the incredible Regal Cinemas in downtown Log Angeles, showcases social justice, mental wellness, animal activism and environmental films. Movies premiering at this year’s Awareness Film Festival feature stars like Danny Trejo and Grammy-winning recording artist Moby. 


ELYSIAN launched in 2015 and has evolved into a comprehensive multimedia brand that includes print, digital, film, podcasting, social media, and commerce. ELYSIAN magazine has won several industry awards in editorial and design categories, and ELYSIAN’s CatWalk FurBaby documentary won Best Fashion Documentary at this year’s New York City International Fashion Film Festival. 

ELYSIAN Impact, the brand’s philanthropic arm, has disbursed more than $10 million over the past eight years to charities in five areas: women, children, animals, service, and the environment. 

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