Elton Ilirjani

Elton Ilirjani, international model, activist and philanthropist took to the runway during New York Fashion Week 2023 to model for Chris Mena and his “From the Street” – his 3rd collection has been five years in the making. 

Elton and other models walked the unique runway which first exited the building’s interior and descend the ramp towards the courtyard, offering the audience below a semi-obstructed preview of Elton, before he turned and continue their descent away from the crowd into a visually-obstructed corner. Once he completed his descent, he turned around and re-emerged into the courtyard presenting their garment in full view to the expectant and awaiting audience.


Chris Mena

Presenting the final look of the show, Elton wowed onlookers wearing an exclusive outfit crafted from repurposed items from the streets of New York crafted into a ready-to-wear garment, making an important statement about sustainability, but also about creativity and the versatility of the showstopping model. 

“From the Street” by Designer Chris Mena is a sustainable fashion collection that transforms discarded items found on the streets of New York City into ready-to-wear garments. From the Street represents both the origin of the materials and the style of the clothing and was held at Westbeth, one of the earliest examples of architectural adaptive reuse in the United States. 

About Elton Ilirjani:

Known around the world as a high-ranking social media influencer and fashion model, Ilirjani boasts a breathtaking following of over 11 million fans. His legions of followers are dedicated to listening and learning from his message of gender equality around the world. Frequenting the pages of fashion magazines and runways, the icon uses his powerful presence to promote a unified existence amongst all of mankind.

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About Mena:

“Mena” by designer Chris Mena is a high-end sustainable fashion brand based in New York, using recycled garments, and sustainable sourced fabric that are all constructed using a traditional cut & sew method. Making his first debut in NYFW 2016, he immediately caught the attention of HighSnobiety, and later made an appearance on America’s Next Top Model. With support from many different private clienteles, Mena has been able to bring his brand to life, by creating custom garments worn by models, celebrities, and influencers around the globe. For more information, please visit www.mena.nyc

Photos Courtesy Of Lawlor Media Group