Maniac Regency

For five decades Regency Outdoor Advertising (Regency) has responsibly operated billboards in the Los Angeles and Greater Los Angeles to the highest standards. 

Regency has a deep commitment to its support of the City of Los Angeles and has always sought to give back to the communities we serve. Over many years Regency has given millions of dollars in public benefit and donations to many public causes that both benefit the City and Southern California and its citizens, and help keep our community safe.  

Regency though its state-of-the-art billboards is leading the charge in sustainable advertising practices. Our billboard at Gaffey Street in San Pedro is an excellent opportunity to partner with the City to fund its many needs though sustainable initiatives and public infrastructure projects while helping to address homelessness, opioid dependency, public safety communication and improve public EV charging access.   

We are both baffled and perplexed by the decisions of some local officials in San Pedro who seek to rebuff our attempts to convey the public benefit to them and the citizens of Los Angeles and block our plans for a development agreement with the City that would in part provide revenue sharing that would generate tens of millions of dollars of revenue, and offer public benefits in the way of beautification  of the area with a new public park, EV car charging, and a new welcome sign for San Pedro that offers a dedicated digital display for the City, public messaging, plus power generation and storage. 

Our Hope is that the situation is urgently reviewed so we can discuss the benefits for citizens and voters of the San Pedro area from our partnership and avoid the current bureaucratic short-sightedness and obstruction. 


Founded in 1973, Regency Outdoor Advertising is Southern California’s foremost privately-held out of home media company. Careful location selection and strategic placement has yielded years of unprecedented advertising exposure for our customers. Our commitment to excellence and the national agencies we serve, reflect our promise to deliver inspiring and impactful campaigns that drive results.  We understand that billboard space can be a significant investment.  Choosing Regency means choosing over 40 years of experience helping Fortune 200 companies as well as local and new businesses, reach their advertising campaign goals. From research, planning and placement, our ultimate goal is to provide brands with the very best opportunity to engage with their consumers. For more information, visit:

Photo Courtesy Of Lawlor Media Group