Mary Ann Browning

The last year has dramatically demonstrated that an individual’s health is one of the most important things they can possess. For many the process of getting in shape does not come easily. It takes a dedicated leader to guide them on the road to success. The passionate discipline displayed by health guru Mary Ann Browning has revolutionized the industry by creating a vigorous lifestyle for thousands of clients. 

 The Founder and CEO of Brownings Fitness stands out above any other fitness studio owner in the competitive field because of her mission to help a person fully embrace a well-rounded program. “I can help change a person’s life by making them physically stronger and help them eat healthier at the same time,” Browning states. “I am not just building a better body with workouts and food selections. I am building a person’s confidence, which is a true gift.” 

Producing results that last a lifetime without sacrificing quality of life is the incredible achievement of Brownings Fitness. 

 “We utilize cardio, strength training, and proper nutrition to change your body shape. Our unique design and individualized approach make it possible to build muscle in places you don’t have muscle, as well as burn fat in places you do have fat,” says the founder. “It is a complete program that harmonizes exercise and nutrition. Other programs might just focus on workouts or else not have enough focus on the food you are putting in your body.” 

Overall understanding of how humans stay in top shape is something that Browning has understood from a young age. 

 “I was born and raised in South Africa,” she states. “It was there I became a ballerina with the Johannesburg Ballet Company. After that my career in fitness took off. I was named South Africa’s most successful personal trainer. I worked in New York as a Specialist Trainer to the Stars until 2005. That was when I opened my first Brownings Fitness center.” 

 Clients from all over the world search out her services that highlight her outstanding accomplishments of being a certified trainer in MESC, NASM, AFTA, Pilates, Spinning, Swimming and Running Coach, Sports and Nutrition, and Yoga. Along with her team of extraordinarily qualified trainers, her company has successfully facilitated the fine art of keeping fit during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

 “Because my business is private training, people feel safe,” she expresses. “We maintained the same clients during the pandemic. Trainers are available for Virtual Personal Training via Zoom or Facetime. You can workout anywhere with minimal equipment from in your bedroom to the park.” 

 Browning constantly reminds herself and her trainers to strive to defy the downside of the current state of the planet. For her life has to be looked at with the theory that this is a time rather to stay positive in order to maintain health. 

 “This time in our lives has made me grateful. For the first time I am seeing the world with a glass not even half full, but rather completely full,” she says when discussing the vibe she wants her clients to feel despite not always training with her in person. “ More than anything it has shown me how much stuff we really don’t need. Just focus on what is good for you and this powerful connection we are making with humanity.” 

This type of positivity is why her clients get amazing results. She is with you every step of the way on your journey to better health and fitness. Even in the middle of a global crisis, Browning and her team will be there with dedicated discipline to help you achieve the goal of making life simply wonderful. For more information, please visit:

 Contact: Appointments@browningsfitness.com315.292.7547 • 1.866.500.1909

 Photo Courtesy Of Lawlor Media Group