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Wigs and hair extensions have a time-honored role on the stage and on set. They remain the fastest way for actors and actresses to alter their appearance or transform characters, going from short to long—or fine to thick—overnight. But too often, in the past they looked like wigs, didn’t blend well with the natural hair or could not withstand the daily rigors of styling and re-styling.

That’s all changed with the advent of Angelo David Couture Hair Extensions and Additions, a collection of customizable, human-hair extensions that reflect the uniqueness of each wearer—or his or her persona of the moment. Pioneered by celebrity stylist Angelo David, who is known as the “Vera Wang of Hair Extensions,” they were initially created to solve any hair challenge—be it not enough length, an undesirable color, lack of styling control, the need for volume, the desire for bangs, or even to camouflage hair loss. Angelo David Couture Hair evolved into a fashion statement when extension-craving celebrities like Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez made them as common as paparazzi. Today, what actress doesn’t wear them?

What’s different about Angelo David Couture Extensions is that they customized for each client. (Much like Vera Wang’s gowns.) It all starts with a thorough and private consultation, during which you and an Angelo David salon professional collaborate to select and design the perfect extension type, texture, color and style. All Angelo David Couture Hair is premium human hair that’s selected to match your natural or desired hair type and texture. It is also custom-colored to meet your needs.

“Hair quality matters tremendously, because if you are styling hair daily or need to re-create the exact style shown in a previous movie scene, you can’t have extensions that matt, tangle or show an abraded cuticle,” notes Angelo.

Attachment types from temporary to semi-permanent are discussed as well. This not only ensures a customized yet incredibly natural look; it suits any professional need. Whether it’s long hair for a two-day advertising shoot or thick and curly locks for six months of filming, Angelo David Couture Hair is created with the end goal in mind.

“Our approach is highly personal and customized every step of the way,” stresses Angelo. “We consider all aspects of our client's physicality, needs and lifestyle to create the perfect extension, addition or hair piece for him or her. We also offer natural-looking 100% human-hair Couture Wigs, which are ideal for busy thespians.”

New York Housewives star, Sonja Tremont-Morgan wears Angelo David Couture Hair, which she says blends seamlessly to create the perfect look for her.

“I’ve always gotten complements on my hair, says Sonja, “but once I went to Angelo David, I instantly had WOW hair! I need to stand out in my business and with Couture Hair Extensions; I can change my hair’s style and length to boost the glam factor in no time.”

To keep Couture Hair Extensions and Additions center-stage worthy, Angelo has also created a line of products that boost their volume, strength and shine. Naturally, they’re versatile enough to be used on natural or Angelo David Couture Hair, because the best heads blend both.

Photo Courtesy Of: Lawlor Media Group