Christopher Fischer Style

Inspired by the global traveler, Christopher Fischer’s Spring 2013 Collection balances modern and luxe style with adventurous spirit, capturing the allure of Arabian sunsets and African landscapes.

The Spring collection highlights artisanal textures and rustic patchworks that draw from a soft, earthbound palette. Loose, asymmetrical shapes define this season’s relaxed feel, while subtly exotic embellishments add hints of elegance. Bold prints conjure images of tribal and tropical lands, lending to a sense of adventure.

Christopher Fischer’s sporty and modern basics are also reintroduced this season, color blocked and highlighted with splashes of shocking neon. Fine and ever so soft knits are perfectly mixed, fused, and layered to enhance the element of luxe, lush and easy dressing.

The collection’s combination of quality and chic style will carry any woman through her adventure, allowing her to feel at home, no matter where she lands.

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ABOUT CHRISTOPHER FISCHER CASHMERE: With over 30 years of cashmere experience, starting in Scotland, England and Italy, and then spanning all the way to Inner Mongolia in China over 20 years ago in 1990, Christopher Fischer is globally recognized as one of the true leaders of the cashmere industry. His approach is all about the integrity of purity, innovative design and quality production, with sweaters that reflect an effortless casual elegance for a modern luxury lifestyle. Not only does Christopher design cashmere for men, women, and babies, but also pet accessories and must-haves for travel and home. As an Englishman now residing in New York and the Hamptons, Christopher’s fashion-forward styles and innovative details have a European design sensibility, and sets standards and directions that others strive to follow and attain. The Christopher Fischer Cashmere collection has a loyal and dedicated following of “in the know” fashionistas and celebrities, including Claire Danes, Mariska Hargitay, Jessica Alba, Liv Tyler, Elizabeth Hurley, and Emma Watson, to name a just few.