Paris Hilton

Everyone's favorite non-celebrity Paris Hilton is hitting out at U.S. Republican presidential candidate John McCain after he used her image in a political advertisement to attack Barack Obama without her authorization.The controversial commercial, which was aired for the first time yesterday, accuses Obama of becoming just a celebrity, and nothing more. Images of him flash up on screen alongside Hilton and Britney Spears, while a narrator says: "He’s the biggest celebrity in the world, but is he ready to lead?" And Hilton has blasted the McCain camp for using her image without asking her permission. A spokesperson for the star says, "Miss Hilton was not asked, nor did she give permission for the use of her likeness in the ad and has no further comment." Hilton’s parents, Rick and Kathy Hilton, contributed a reported $4,600 to the McCain campaign just this year.


Anonymous said…
I just read on Huffington Post that Paris billionaire dad and grandfather are huge McCain supporters. THEY were the ones who were pissed off with the McCain campaign (and presumably paid Paris' PR rep to write out her statement for her).