Casual Law Breaker Lindsay Lohan

In Your Face Law Breaker Samantha Ronson

Hollywood star Lindsay Lohan and her alleged girlfriend Samantha Ronson enjoy a late lunch at Bar Pitti on 6th Avenue in New York City yesterday. The two alleged licking friends, don't seem to care for New York City's No Smoking laws. The law states that not only can't you smoke inside the restaurant, you can't smoke in the outside cafe areas. As you can see from these photos, Lindsay knows this, as she is trying to hide her lit cigarette under the table and trying to be casual. Meanwhile, her alleged licking partner in crime Samantha Ronson, could care less who spot's her breaking the law. Hey, I'm just reporting the breaking of a law. In all fairness, I smoke in Nightclubs, Restaurants and Bars when I can get away with it. So next time Lindsay, How about inviting me to smoke with you guys. I got better stuff anyway !

Below Explains The Law


"Bar" means any area, including outdoor seating areas, devoted to the sale and service of alcoholic beverages for on-premises consumption and where the service of food is only incidental to the consumption of such beverages. "Food service establishment" means any area, including outdoor seating areas, or portion thereof in which the business is the sale of food for on-premises consumption.


Anonymous said…
Wen they're both a bit older.... wrinkled, sick from booze, drugs, lots of smoking,(it's so cool??) and a lifetime of ego centered stupidity, Ronson's little hats will be so laughable and Lohan is already starting to look like a burned out skeezer. I saw them on the street in Chelsea yesterday and they look like wrecks already.