Sexy British star Jonathan Rhys Meyers despises celebrities who complain about the fact they’ve become targets of the paparazzi, because they chose to pursue a career in the limelight. The Mission: Impossible III actor insists stars should stop complaining about the pitfalls of fame and appreciate the benefits of their profession. He says, "All actors and performers, including myself, thrive on attention; otherwise we wouldn’t do what we do. I read a lot of little snippets about people saying, ‘I just want my private life’."But they can’t have it! It’s that simple. You’ve got the money and the fame, but you’ve had to give up that one thing - so accept that, as that’s how your life is going to be. If you don’t like it, find something else to do."
Editors Note: Now this star has got it !


Anonymous said…
I thought he was Irish? Anyway, I agree; working actors don't have a throng of flash bulb toting followers-- celebrities do.