Will Smith

Hollywood star Will Smith is crediting an unlikely woman as the source of his super stardom. His cheating ex-girlfriend.The actor has made a huge name in Hollywood for himself with lead roles in high-grossing action and sci-fi hits including Men In Black and Independence Day. And Smith is admitting it was the unfaithful act of a former girl during his youth that drove him to go far in acting. He says, "My first girlfriend cheated on me when I was 15 years old, and I processed in my mind that she cheated on me because I was not good enough. And I remember my walk home after I found out, and I remember just vowing to myself that I would never not be good enough again."In my childlike mind I connect that to (wife) Jada’s love for me, even though she tells me, ‘Baby, OK, you’re good enough, let’s take a vacation.’"


Anonymous said…
and her name was.....?