Penelope Cruz

Hollywood star Penelope Cruz, who has launched a line of clothes for the high street store Mango with her younger sister Monica, still raids Monica’s wardrobe when she visits. Monica said: ‘We are the same size and we borrow each other’s clothes all the time. When I stay with Penelope in Los Angeles I borrow her clothes and when she comes to Madrid, she has a house near mine, she takes things from my wardrobe.’ The 30-year-old fashion designer also revealed her and Penelope’s mother Encarna would never have let them go off the rails like party girls Lindsay Spears and Britney Spears. She said: ‘My mother is incredible. She is a very strong woman and has taught us so much. It’s my mother who has kept us all grounded. I think fame, particularly if it happens when you are quite young, as it did in Spain for Penelope and me, is very corrupting.‘My mother stopped us from getting stupid or big-headed or forgetting how to behave. When I see how women behave in Hollywood now - Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan for example - I’m grateful for the support my mother gave me and my sister and also now for my brother, Eduardo, who is a singer.’