Eddie Murphy and Tracy Edmonds

Hollywood star Eddie Murphy will wed fiancee Tracey Edmonds this weekend in the South Pacific, according to Internet reports. Sources claim the couple and family members arrived in Tahiti on Friday for the low-key nuptials on the beautiful island. Insiders tell Planet Gossip that top secret fittings for the bride and her bridesmaids took place earlier this week. Edmonds, the former wife of music mogul Kenneth `Babyface’ Edmonds, revealed she and Murphy were planning to wed before the end of 2007 back in October. She told Sister 2 Sister magazine she envisioned "a very intimate ceremony," adding, "My bridal party would be much smaller than my first wedding." Murphy proposed to Edmonds in July, while the two were watching TV. She has revealed he walked over to her casually, and then surprised her by getting on his knees. She asked him what he was doing and he replied, "I’m about to ask you to marry me," before he presented her with a canary yellow square diamond, surrounded by two white diamonds in a platinum setting. She recalls, "I was speechless for a moment when I first saw it."