Marilyn Manson wants to break the world record for sharing a bath with snakes.The controversial rocker - who is famous for his peculiar obsessions with death and taxidermy - wants to beat the 'Texas Snakeman' Jackie Bibby, who currently holds the world record by bathing with 87 rattlesnakes for 45 minutes.A source close to the singer said: "Marilyn is desperate to get into the famous book, and wants to do it for something people will associate him with."He thought about all the wacky records he could try and break, and came across Jackie Bibby's record. That's when he decided he wanted to try and break it."Father-of-two Jackie - who holds four world records including holding eight rattlesnakes in his mouth by their tails - has perfected the art of bathing with the venomous creatures.He said: "They can go wherever they want as long as they don't start biting. The key to not biting is for me to stay still."Rapid movement scares a rattlesnake. If you move real slow and gentle, that doesn't seem to bother them."