Jonathan Rhys Meyers has had 200 one-night stands.The 'August Rush' actor used to bed lots of different girls but gave up his promiscuous ways because he got "bored" of sleeping with strangers. He said: "I got bored of one-night stands when I was about 26. They were fun when I was young but now I'm 30 I think they're meaningless and dull. I won't say how many I've had it could be two, it could be 200."Jonathan also revealed he has one rule when it comes to sleeping with his female co-stars - don't have sex with them on the first day of rehearsals.He told New Woman magazine: "It's best not to bed your leading lady on the first day of rehearsals. Especially if your roles require sexual chemistry.Sleeping together spoils it. Maybe that's why I haven't dated an actress for nine years."However, the single Irish star - who split from long-term girlfriend Reena Hammer a few months ago - also confessed he is a "selfish boyfriend". He added: "I think a woman wants a man to come over and fix their broken fence. I'm not very handy and I'm a selfish boyfriend, but I'm great at buying gifts. I bought my last girlfriend lots of shoes, including Jimmy Choos."Jonathan, 30, is currently grieving the death of his mother Geraldine, 50,who passed away in Ireland's Cork hospital last week.Geraldine single-handily raised the 'Match Point' star after his father walked out on three-year-old Jonathan, his mother and his brother Alan,taking the star's two elder brothers with him.