Now that Broadway is back in business don't walk, run to see Ben Rauch in a limited engagement at 42nd streets Laurie Beechman theatre. The show is about a musical theatre obsessed community theatre outcast from NJ named Horace Vanderveer who's one dream is to be on Broadway. The only problem is he has one credit to his name and very little training. Come hear him act, sing, dance, and play the xylophone in this musical theatre comedy romp. This guy probably has the worst teeth to hit the theatre scene since ... well no one has worse teeth. This show is appropriate for families and any big name people in the industry who want to give Horace his first job. HORACE is an original character in the vein of Napoleon Dynamite and Pee-Wee Herman. The show was written by Ben Rauch and his sister Melissa Rauch and and Winston Beigel. Shows are limited so book early.
Laurie Beechman Theatre
407 West 47th street
New York NY 10036
Tel: 212-695-6909