Hollywood icon CLARK GABLE’s one time love interest ANITA PAGE insists the actor was not perfect - he had bad breath and false teeth.Gable’s former girlfriend and leading lady Page made the discovery on the set of their 1931 movie The Easiest Way, confessing it was a horrible shock to find the 30-year-old had bare gums. She recalls, "One day on the set all these young girls arrived. ‘Oh, Mr Gable’ they squawked at once. ‘You are so handsome’, they went on and on."Anyway, when they left I turned to Clark and said ‘Hey gorgeous, how does it feel to be God’s gift to women?’ "’Wanna see?’ he said. He took a piece of candy from his blazer pocket and had a bite, and to my horror, as he chewed he pulled his false teeth out! They stuck solid to his gum."The rotting stubs in his jaw smelt something awful."