Keith Richards is set to make over $7 million from his autobiography.The Rolling Stones rocker has sparked a bidding war for his memoirs and he is now set to receive a staggering $7.3 million in advance. Publishers Harper Collins and Little Brown are the two favourites for the tome.The 63-year-old guitarist, his agent Ed Victor and his manager for three decades, Jane Rose, will now have to choose a 'winner' between them. As the publishers have matched each other on the price, the decision will be made on who can offer the best marketing plan and the editor they can offer the rocker and collaborating writer James Fox. A source said: "Price is no longer an issue."Whatever the outcome Richards is certain to be happy, as he stated before the bidding war he wanted to surpass the $5 million advance rival guitarist Eric Clapton received for his book, due out this October. Hell raiser Richards was paid $1.6 million for his diaries in the 80s by publisher Bantam, however, he returned the money saying he couldn't remember enough to fill a book.