Girls Aloud

Girls Aloud are being stalked by an Internet psychopath who has threatened to torture, kill and rape all five members.The deranged man has posted a chilling story on the web describing how he would gruesomely murder and dismember Cheryl Cole, Sarah Harding, Nadine Coyle, Kimberley Walsh and Nicola Roberts.He graphically details how he wants to cut up their lifeless bodies and sell their parts on Internet auction site eBay.The story, entitled 'Girls (Scream) Aloud', is described on restricted website Kristen Archives as: "The very sexy deaths of all five members of the world's sexiest all-girl group."Before the terrifying tale unfolds, the writer warns readers: "This story contains imaginary descriptions of the rape, torture and mutilation of five of the sexiest girls in pop today."I cannot stress enough that this is strictly fictitious."Despite the writer insisting he would never carry out the acts described in the story, the five girls are said to be very concerned about what the man is capable of. However, they refuse to let the writer stop them from living their normal lives. A spokesman for the band said: "We won't give this person the satisfaction that the girls care."They have security with them all the time, they are safe enough."The website features 15,000 pieces of explicit 'fiction', including brutal murders, torture and child abuse.