Cybill Shepherd still sexy

Actress CYBILL SHEPHERD was so nervous about baring all in her movie debut THE LAST PICTURE SHOW, she asked her experienced co-stars if she should disrobe.The former model called a meeting with Cloris Leachman, Eileen Brennan and Ellen Burstyn and asked them if they’d strip if they were her.She recalls, "I asked each of them… ‘If you were me in this movie, with this director, Peter Bogdanovich, would you take your clothes off?’ And they said, ‘Yes.’" Shepherd admits she wouldn’t have disrobed in the film if it wasn’t for the fact she was in love with The Sopranos star Bogdanovich at the time. She adds, "I fell in love with Peter… I fell in love with him as a man…before I came to understand that he was a great director. I would not have done a nude scene if he hadn’t been a great director." Years later, after Shepherd sued Playboy magazine for printing an unauthorised naked print of the actress which Bogdanovich cut from the film, she insisted the director put the shot of her breasts back in the film’s re-release. She says, "I said, ‘Put that shot of my breasts back in; they looked great then."