Pete Doherty has been photographed apparently injecting himself with cocaine during his Thai holiday with Kate Moss. Photographs of the troubled Babyshambles frontman sitting on a bed strewn with syringes, spoons and British, US and Thai banknotes, have been published by Britain's The Sun newspaper. In one picture he is seen checking a syringe and in another he appears to inject himself with what is alleged to be cocaine. Pete, 27, is seen talking on a mobile phone in the photographs, allegedly to an anxious Kate asking where he was and what he was doing.The photographs are said to be taken from a video made two days after Pete and Kate's Buddhist blessing ceremony - during their New Year's holiday on the island of Phuket. Australian backpacker Jess Lea, 21, says she invited Pete back to her room in a Thai hostel for a party with her two female roommates. Pete agreed and Lea claims he injected himself with cocaine at least three times between 1.30am and 4am. Lea says she asked Pete if reports were true that he had married Kate. She told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "Pete said, 'No, I love her but I wouldn't marry her if she was the last woman on Earth. She's too paranoid."Pete then asked Lea if he could use her mobile phone to phone Kate. Lea said: "Pete kept telling us Kate was paranoid and wanted to know where he was and who the girls he was with were. He kept telling her there were no girls."She did seem quite pissed off. He was constantly pleading, 'What's wrong? I love you'. After the conversation his mood changed. He was quite upset."Lea admits she began to panic about having drugs in the room and asked Pete to leave - but he couldn't remember where his hotel was. She finally managed to get him out of the hostel and put him in a taxi. Pete and Kate reportedly had an argument the following day and the 33-year-old supermodel ordered him to return to Britain.The couple are currently attending a London rehab clinic in a bid to help Pete beat his drug addiction.
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