Courteney Cox has banned husband David Arquette from watching her film her sex scenes in new US TV drama 'Dirt'.The couple are producers on the show, in which Courteney plays Lucy Spiller, the bitchy and sex-obsessed editor of an American tabloid magazine. In one episode the 42-year-old actress romps with a young, fit yoga instructor. To make sure she didn't get embarrassed while filming the racy scene the former 'Friends' star told David he was forbidden from being on set. She revealed: "David was not on set for that. He would never come on set when I had to do something like that - I would forbid it. To be honest, that scene is nothing compared to what happens later in the series. I won't be allowing him on set for any of those either!" It was recently revealed that Courteney is to share a steamy kiss with her former 'Friends' co-star Jennifer Aniston when she appears in 'Dirt'.Jennifer, who is best pals with Courteney in real life, is to make a cameo appearance in the show as a rival magazine editor who is a lesbian.