Photos By: Patirck McMullan

Jean Shafiroff With Richard Johnson

Dr. Donald Tober And Barbara Tober

Tom Florio And David Kuhn
Barbara Tober hosted a sensational cocktail reception November 15th at the Museum of Arts and Design celebrating the new biography, Avedon: Something Personal. Attended by generations of Avedon colleagues dating back to the late 1950s and photography world luminaries including Maria Hambourg, Carol Squiers, Deborah Bell, and Vince Aletti; and Avedon models Pat Cleveland, Evelyn Kuhn, Patty Hansen, Lauren Helm, Astrid Heeren, and Tony Spinelli. Among the other 375 guests were Susan Cheever, Andre Bishop, Jill Krementz, Jamie Bernstein, Nancy Hoving, Philip Galanes, Carlyne Cerf, and Peter Bacanovic. The book will be on sale starting this week.

Michele Cohen With Joan Hornig

Barbara Tober told friends, “I was lucky enough to be part of a golden age of magazines at Condé Nast, first at Vogue and then as the editor of Brides. It was a time when great talent like Dick was supported and thrived. Can't wait to read Norma and Steven’s book.” Author Steven Aronson went on to say, "Norma Stevens and I wanted to take readers to the point beyond where even Dick Avedon's closest friends knew him, so the book is no puffography - it's a very full portrait of a very compelling personality."

Other notable guests included: Jean Shafiroff, Judy Auchincloss, Tina Beriro, Nejma Beard, Patticia Bosworth, Paul van Ravenstein, Young Yang Chung, Michele Cohen, Suzi Cordish, Jacqueline Weld Drake, Brandon Fradd, Cristina Grassi, Richard Johnson, Tom Kalin, Mona Aboelnaga Kanaan, James Kaliardos, David Kuhn, Shari Loeffler, Marie Monique Steckel, Dante Spinelli, Tony Spinelli, Stephanie Stokes, Norma Stevens, Evelyn Sokolsky, Stanley Sokolsky, Jeannette Watson, and Jessica Zamir and well as the book’s publishers Celina Spiegel and Julie Grau.