Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson Points To Photos Of Haydee Cordero

I am not going to get into a huge thing here. As most of you know I am in a lawsuit against St Nicks Alliance for breaking ADA Laws, Housing laws and abusing me and my son and I were forced to move. You can read more about it here in the New York Daily News.

St Nicks Alliance defended their tenants who spent 2 and a half years outside my window yelling move white boys move, we are getting the faggots out and allowed us to live with mice and rats. It never ended. Their tenants jumped my son in the lobby, they tried to break into our apartment and they robbed us from our ground floor window. The more we complained to St Nicks Alliance, all the way up the ladder, the more abuse we got. Never ended. 

I complained about drug dealers and drug deals in my building. They did nothing. I complained to Haydee Cordero who was building manager about the drugs. When she did nothing I complained to Michael Rochford the big boss at St Nicks Alliance and he did nothing. I complained to Frank Lang who runs the buildings and he did nothing. I complained to Michelle Sainsbury a director at St Nicks Alliance and she did nothing. The police asked for video footage of a drug deal I witnessed in the lobby and St Nicks Alliance refused to give it to them.

The more I complained the more St Nicks Alliance harassed me. They pounded on my door threatening me with eviction, they dragged me into a meeting with the city. I proved St Nicks Alliance forged my leases. No one would do anything. Now we are in court.

Interesting how the media did not pick up on how recently busted Haydee Cordero who was arrested allegedly money laundering for her sons Heroin operation in buildings all over Brooklyn. Haydee Cordero handled buildings for St Nicks Alliance. She was employed by them. They own or operate 80 buildings all over Brooklyn. Not one media outlet picked up on this, even the ones I tipped off. I have so many e mails to Haydee and her bosses at St Nicks Alliance complaining about the drug deals. They did nothing and now we know why. The crew sold more than 25,000 glassine envelopes a month and at $10-per-bag, which has a street value of over $1.5 million. St Nicks Alliance was told by me and ignored. How many people died? How many? You can read the NY Times Story here

It will all come out in Supreme Court. St Nicks Alliance abuses people with AIDS. St Nicks allows drug dealers even after they are told about them. I wonder how many people died as a result of this Heroin ring. I wonder how much blood is on St Nicks Alliances hands? When caught, they control the media so they are not mentioned. Well no more!