In a bonus clip from last night's premiere of I Am Cait, the 65-year-old sits down with her mother and two sisters for a therapy session with a gender counselor. The therapy session leads to some amazing revelations between Cait and her family.

"At some point our society, our culture, decided to be a binary society, which means you've got boys and you've got girls," counselor Susan P. Landon says. "That gets determined when children are born. The cluster of flesh, if you will, between your legs is what determines your gender. It doesn't. It determines your anatomical sex, but it does not determine your gender, OK? When I see children who are sort of taking information in from the time that they're born, and at 3-years-old or 5-years-old they say, ‘You know what? I'm not who you told me I am,' that comes from an experience they feel inside."

"Susan, none of us can remember anything about you as a young boy displaying any kind of feminine characteristics at all," Cait's sister Pam says. "It wasn't like I was an effeminate man, OK?" Cait says. "So I never really felt that way, but I always felt female."

"I'd never thought of it that way," Pam adds. "The difference between feminine and effeminate."

Later on, Esther has a breakthrough as the group talks about the importance of LGBT visibility, especially Cait sharing her story with the world. "It seems as though when people start to have more understanding, the stigma of being different goes away," Esther says.

"To me, that's the beauty of her giving herself permission to do this because, like for any of us, once you've seen something over and over again you get more used to it, right?" Landon adds. "So it becomes part of our world rather than something that nobody wants to acknowledge. It's a big journey"

Watch the full deleted scene for yourself!