Larry King With Cat Deeley

So You Think You Can Dance's Cat Deeley sits down with Larry King on the Emmy nominated series Larry King Now and chats about the additions of Paula Abdul and Jason Derulo to the upcoming 12th season of the show. She also talks to Larry about her Hulu comedy Deadbeat.

English television host Cat Deeley filled Larry in on the new judges of the upcoming season of So You Think You Can Dance. On Jason Derulo, Deeley said, “You think he’s kind of really “dude-y” […] but actually he’s a stage school kid. He’s a tapper. He was writing music for Puff Daddy before he was Jason Derulo and he’s got a great sense of humor. Quite a naughty sense of humor, which is brilliant.” And on Paula Abdul, Deeley gushed, “I don’t know how she does it, but absolutely everybody falls in love with her as they meet her. I mean they swoon. Men, women, children, beasts.”

The charming reality TV personality revealed how the show plans to keep its audience hooked during the 12th season, “We wanted to keep it fresh. I think the whole idea of the show is—we have a very, very secure core audience. You either completely love us or we’re not on your radar at all. There’s nothing kind of in the middle. And what we hope to do is surprise, delight and entertain every season. And so while our audience keep coming back and keep watching us, and we’re going into our 12th season, it’s up to us to keep the format fresh.”

Lastly, The Deadbeat actress told Larry why she thinks communicating with the dead fascinates people, “I think we also all like the idea that it’s not just this. I think for a very long time we’ve been told maybe there’s something else.” On the idea of an afterlife, a skeptical Deeley said, “I think that in a lot of ways religion was created to control the poor and the uneducated, and so they were told, ‘You know what? Don’t worry about what’s going on right now in this life, you’ll be fine later on,’ so there was never rebellion. It was a way of either religion or royalty controlling the poor.”

 Photo Courtesy Of: Larry King