Jesse Ventura On Cuba

Jesse Ventura agrees with President Obama: it is time to end an outdated approach.

On his online-only show, "Off The Grid," the former Minnesota governor explains --

"The embargo was put in place [in 1962].They felt hopefully the citizens of Cuba would rise up and overthrow Fidel and his dictatorship," said Ventura. "Well, clearly it hasn't happened. It's been 50 years. All we are doing is hurting the Cuban people through this whole ordeal. Do you think Fidel has missed one sandwich? I don't think so."

Jesse Ventura explained that 52 percent of the American people support ending the embargo. In Florida, where there is the highest percentage of Cuban-Americans, 64 percent of adults said it's time for the embargo to be lifted. Even Governor Rick Scott feels that normalizing economic ties with Cuba will bring greater financial gains to Florida.

If lifting the embargo "helps both of our economies, how do you turn away a win-win?" remarked Jesse Ventura, who noted the United States trades with other communist and socialist countries all the time.

"What has Cuba ever done to us? We've been practicing terrorism against them! We've:

Blown up ships in their harbor

We've tried to destroy their monetary system

We've attempted to destroy their cane fields

We've tried to assassinate their president on multiple occasions

And we've even blown up one of their airliners with civilian passengers on board.

Is that not terrorism?" He asked. "We have no right telling another country what to do. It's not our call -- it's the Cuban people's call."

Jesse Ventura also explained that he is "for open borders. Take down these borders. You don't need barbed wire fences for a great place to live."

"If I get elected president, not only would I be shutting down Guantanamo within a year, I would give it back to Cuba - where it belongs," said Ventura.

"This is probably why I won't be elected president," he continued, expressing how he feels it is wrong to indefinitely detain prisoners of war. "Why do we occupy Cuban land? For what ungodly purpose besides to hold prisoners so they can't be tried in a regular court of law."

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