Nick Jonas At 2014 American Music Awards

We're all still thinking about Nick Jonas' Flaunt magazine photo shoot (because WOW), but what did the family think?

That's the question that E! News' Giuliana Rancic asked the young stud tonight on the red carpet at the 2014 American Music Awards in downtown Los Angeles, and what he told us might surprise you.

"I sent the pictures to my parents actually right after I did the shoot for Flauntmagazine, which is actually a tribute to Mark Wahlberg. He's iconic shoot in the '90s," Jonas, who looked handsome as ever in an Armani suit, began to tell us. "My dad responded and was like, 'You know you get that from me, right?' So he was actually really proud."

LOL! Perfect response from a proud papa.

The 22-year-old singer-actor-model stripped down to a pair of tight white underwear for Flaunt, grabbing his crotch à la Marky Mark in those iconic 1992 Calvin Klein shots, and lucky for us, the now-expert taught fans how to do the perfect crotch grab.

"I'm going to be giving you the tutorial on the perfect crotch grab," the (unfortunately) clothed Kingdom actor says in the ridiculous (but somehow still sexy) clip. "Now it's very simple. You need three things: a hand, a crotch and a willingness to do anything."

"Now my basic steps are turn to the side, profile's better," he says before placing his hand over his junk. "Make sure your hand's ready and then just go for it. That's it. All you need."

Jonas also showed off his sexy six-pack abs and bulging biceps (not to mention his butt crack!) in the risqué pics.

Courtesy Of: E! News