"Save HER-Save HIM" Crowd
Fundraising Campaign Is Now Live

Terri Williams And Madeline McCray

Terrie M. Williams & Madeline McCray have announced the following:

We hope that you'll be inspired to support Save HER-Save HIM (SHSH), a digital movement aimed to help break the cycle of domestic violence and child abuse.

On October 29th and 30th, with sponsor support from Macy's and Metro Plus Health, we were able to start Phase One through live community events entitled "Embracing the Art of Anger Management: Time Out for Grown Ups" and "The BIG Picture: Intimate Partner Violence & HIV/AIDS" hosted at La Maison d'Art. The forums fueled the determination to continue this important work.

They hosted a third community event on November 20th at Harlem Hospital with a
panel of men who are working to end domestic violence and child abuse in their communities. "A Journey to Wellness: Women & Men Learning to Heal, Protect & Love Healthily" explored the pain experienced by boys who bare witness to violence in their homes.

The events were video recorded by Will Vaultz of Willful Media, Felicia Bradford and Khalil McCray. Each volunteered their time, energy and talent to help document this important work.

On November 20th, they launched an INDIEGOGO CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN
to raise $20,000 to complete Phase One of their domestic violence awareness and prevention digital project. Their mission is to build a powerful website connecting healers and wounded spirits through a series of video interviews. will feature dramatic reenactments and real-life sessions with licensed psychotherapists, physicians and holistic wellness professionals. Watching the process online will help people realize that they are not alone; that help is available and that there is no shame in reaching out to receive the help they need. SHSH will hyperlink to organizations nationwide which provide safe havens to victims of abuse. Presently, there is nothing online that matches the healing presentations that we are uniquely qualified to produce on our website.

They are counting on individuals like you who want to help others find a path to healing and redemption. Every donation counts! Whether you can contribute $5, $10, $25, know that every dollar will be used for the completion of Phase One.

You can also support the campaign by:

Sharing it on social media

Emailing friends, family and business associates

E-blasting your mailing list

Blogging about the issue and sharing the link to our campaign

Lending your expertise

Hosting a fundraising event with us

Writing an article


This is a digital movement aimed to break the cycle of intimate partner violence and child abuse by bringing together healers and wounded spirits. Visit: