The Art Of Damon Johnson

The acclaimed artist, Damon Johnson's upcoming exhibition this January 9th at Gallery Sensei on Grand Street in SOHO was feted with a huge party at the hot new Chelsea nightclub, Leonora last Friday night.

Works By Damon Johnson
Before the party, the artist's longtime manager/curator, Douglas Dechert threw him and a select gathering of luminaries a celebratory dinner at the fabulous Nino's on 72nd street. Among the attendees were James Taranto, the WALL STREET JOURNAL editor, who has 3 commissioned Damon Johnson paintings in his collection and Richard Miniter, who came to Nino's straight from his appearance on the Sean Hannity Show. Miniter, who's penned a dozen tomes, including the best seller, KAHLID SHEIK MUHAMMED, a critical biography of the terror plotter behind the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, commissioned his own Damon Johnson masterpiece over port durring desert. Also enjoying the sumptuous repast was Patrick Lyons, SOHO's newest art impresario.

After dinner the whole gang piled into a waiting black S.U.V. and hightailed it for their V.I.P. table and a club full of models at The Leonora.


Johnson’s colorful and vibrant works are a melting pot of style and art movements: from neo-expressionism, op-art, graffiti and surrealism to pop and street culture. The flowers represent the beauty and fragility of life, I wanted to make something seen as beautiful and turn it into something dangerous, the flowers almost look like weapons with sharp leaves and radiant energy. The type of flowers that could only grow and survive growing through cracks in the city pavement, through adversity they bloom. 

The series on the whole will be paintings created from drawings from the left for dead and gutter bravado series, touching on life experiences, in an auto biographically way chock full of symbolism and iconography. The work is a combination of comic book art, tattoo art, street art, graffiti, cartoon, and abstract woven into a complex world of urban surrealism. (Damon Johnson).

Damon Johnson graduated at New York University in 2000 with a B.A. in Fine Arts. In 2001, he began showcasing his work at various bars, nightclubs and cultural outposts throughout the Lower East Side and East Village of Manhattan but he never stopped creating street art throughout the city, posting his work and philosophical musings on street poles, walls, parking signs and sidewalks. His work has been displayed in such galleries as Mark Murray Fine Arts, Factory Fresh, Bent, Sotheby’s, Half Gallery, and The New Museum. His work is in the permanent collection of the Patterson, Hamilton, and Chelsea Art Museums. Currently Johnson is involved in at a street art project in Brooklyn.

 Art Used With By Permission By: Douglas Dechert/Damon Johnson