Nick Carter

Newlyweds Nick Carter and Lauren Kitt Carter sit down with Larry King to discuss their new reality show “I Heart Nick Carter” on VH1 and how they felt something special from their very first date. Plus, we learn the good and bad about marrying a celebrity, Nick’s rough past and his similarities to Justin Bieber & his ‘rival’ Justin Timberlake on the latest episode of the Emmy nominated series “Larry King Now”.

Nick and Larry chatted about what happened when the boy band craze slowed down and Nick had some personal time to try and better himself, "I personally went through those same things that Bieber's going through right now, except it didn't have social media to expose it to the degree that it is right now." The former backstreet boy told Larry that his wife, Lauren, was his rock through his drinking problem, "It was difficult for me to find someone who related to the things I had gone through. [...] I'm deep and I'm screwed up. I need someone else like me."

On his ‘competitor’ Justin Timberlake - “I am proud of him, I am happy for him that he has made the best with the opportunities that he was given. For me, I wasn't necessarily in the right space to do the same things,” Nick explained.

Nick and Lauren concluded their interview by answering social media questions from some of their biggest fans including the craziest thing a fan has done on the current Backstreet Boys tour, if the BSB boys gave a speech at the wedding, if he would duet with his brother Aaron and why he thinks the best has yet to come.



"It's funky, it's sexy, and it's rhythmic. It's got good beats and stuff we can dance to onstage." — on his album with Jordan Knight

"I met them when I was twelve, so in a lot of ways, they raised me, influenced me." — on the Backstreet Boys being family

"When I look at him from afar and see the path I've been on, I'm proud of him. For me, I wasn't necessarily in the right space to do the same things." — on Justin Timberlake

"I feel like I'm a late bloomer, and I'm okay with that. I feel like my best years are to come in my late 30s and 40s."

"I just didn't have my act together. That's what they want—the recipe for train wreck television." — on his first reality show, “House of Carters”

"She met me and it was like two magnets."

"I can't run. She can't run. It's a commitment. It really is. It's a great one." — on marriage

"She was someone who I am accountable to—someone who I want to be healthy for. I want to be there through the years and be the best person I can be—the best husband I can be." — on Lauren being his rock through his drinking problem


"Not a lot of people around us have happy endings." — on people especially in the music business having high divorce rates

"I've been threatened with a knife in a club. Someone was threatening to stab me." — on people threatening her because she is with Nick

"I knew the name, but I wouldn't be able to pick him out in a lineup." — on not being a Backstreet Boys fan before meeting Nick

"I came from broken families several times over and I just related to him and empathized with him on a lot of this." — on identifying with Nick's battles with substance abuse

"There is Nick Carter the boy bander, but Nick Carter the human being is so unbelievably vulnerable and loving and wonderful in spite of all the things he's gone through."