Amy Brenneman

Actress Amy Brenneman stopped by HuffPost Live yesterday to talk with Host Ricky Camilleri about her new HBO series “The Leftovers” and weighed in on the important matter of co-star Justin Theroux’s bulge that appeared in the show’s first episode.

Ricky Camilleri: “[Liv Tyler] referenced this hilarious thing about Justin Theroux’s sweatpants in the pilot. Did you hear about this? She referenced his sweatpants’ bulge and said that she noticed it clearly in the screening of the pilot. Did that become a cast joke for everybody or is that just her own private joke?”

Brenneman: “I think Liv…[it was] in the privacy of her own thoughts. I know exactly what she means because there is a flashback episode where he jogs again and it did bring the pilot back. [Theroux's bulge] is really adorable, and a very specific choice. And I don't know who came up with that -- if it was Justin, wardrobe, Damon [Lindelof].”