Andrew Cuomo

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has just done a huge dis-service to New Yorkers. I like the guy, I like his family, but am very disappointed.

The state Senate passed a bill that would limit consumption to edibles, pills, and oils—prohibiting the smoking or sale of actual marijuana plants. Gov. The bill passed the Senate 49 to 10 after state leaders announced a legislative compromise.

Everyone bowed down to the drug companies. Having had my own health issues a few years ago, I was prescribed Marinol Pills, which is Marijuana in pill form. They did nothing to help, and they cost over 2 thousand dollars for a month prescription. I am sure by now they are over 3 grand a month.

What Gov. Cuomo has done by demanding this compromise, was continue to allow arrest of innocent people and allowed the black market to continue in the Marijuana trade. New York State would have collected billions, once the whole system was in place for a couple of years. New York State would have saved billions from not arresting and jailing Marijuana users. It was a win-win for New Yorkers. Our lawmakers and our Governor have failed us. Now the doors are open for the big drug companies to produce useless Marijuana pills and edibles, that cost thousands and do nothing. I can not wait for the first drug company to open up a bakery for Marijuana edibles in Manhattan. 

Our elected officials need to re-visit this. Every arrest and every prescription will cost the taxpayers billions that could be used on education, infrastructure and other things. I adore Andrew Cuomo, but this was a huge mistake. Our elected officials need to wake up and do what the people of New York State want.