Betty White With Larry King

Age is only a number for the unstoppable Betty White! Using her unrivaled wit, the beloved 92 year old charms Larry King with tales from the Golden Girls era, comments on today’s troubled young stars and even gets a visit from the Kings' pooch, Biscuit.

During her "Larry King Now" interview, the "Hot in Cleveland" star expressed her opinions on gay rights:

“I don’t care whom you sleep with. It’s what kind of a human being are you [that's what matters to me]. I don’t understand [why people are anti-gay]. It’s such a personal private business and it’s none of mine.”

"You're so right," Larry King said in reply.

Betty White is the latest celebrity to speak out on the issue.

She also shared that she is infuriated by "ungrateful" young stars like Lindsay Lohan, Justin Bieber, and Chris Brown because of their selfish actions.

“I get furious, if you must know," she explained to Larry King. "Do you know the millions of people on this planet who would sell their own teeth to do what we’re doing?! And for [these celebrities] to think well I’ve got it coming to me I’m a star? Nope. I just think it’s unforgivable."

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