Mayim Bialik On Wendy Williams

Neuroscientist and "The Big Bang Theory" star, Mayim Bialik, dropped by Wendy Williams' couch yesterday to talk about her red carpet style, being a teen actress in Hollywood, her approach to parenting, breastfeeding and what roles people associate with her.

Balancing sexiness with her religious ideology on the red carpet, Mayim said, "Many stylists didn't want to work with me, don't I tend not to wear sleeveless or strapless or short. And part of it, you don't even have to be a religious person to know like, there's certain parts of my body I want to allow and there's certain that I don't. The red carpet doesn't own my breasts, just because they exist. So yeah. What I try and do, I work with this stylist who totally gets it. You know, she rolls her eyes at me sometimes cause it's hard, especially in spring or summer, if you don't want to wear strapless. And in L.A., everyone's half naked all the time, so it's hard."

Speaking about her time as a teen actor on "Blossom" in the 1990s, Mayim revealed, "My mom was with me on set. Honestly that helped. My parents were very protective of me. The industry was very different then than it is now. It was a very clean set. It was a very happy set. The "Blossom" set. There was not a lot of strife or drugs or badness. There wasn't all that pressure for 14 year olds to look like they're 30, like there is now. I looked 14 when I was 14."

After taking 12 years off from acting to earn a Ph.D. in neuroscience, it was motherhood and the need for health insurance that drove Mayim to return to the small screen. "Much as I'm a person who believes women can do it all, we should do whatever we want, I couldn't physically be in two places at once. It was literally a decision of, if I'm a research professor I'm not going to be with my kid the way I want to be. And if I'm with my kid, I can't be a research professor. So I actually started teaching neuroscience, I taught for about five years after I got my degree. I taught with a baby on my chest for part of it. I was doing whatever. But I figured if I got back into the acting world enough to get health insurance - I needed health insurance. But I didn't think I'd be on "The Big Bang Theory!"

Speaking about her five and a half and eight year old sons, Mayim revealed her controversial style of 'attachment parenting' works for them. "My older one breastfed till two, and change. But my younger one, he didn't breastfeed in public, but he breastfed till past four." She added, "They sleep together. They have a sibling bed. They will sometimes come into my bed, it's a big giant king bed. I don't know, most adults don't choose to sleep alone. Sometimes they're lonely or sometimes they're sad and they cuddle and it's not a big deal. And they're not afraid of the night. They never say I don't want to go to bed, one more glass of water please. The night is very welcoming and safe to them."

Recognized by different generations for her various roles, Mayim said, "People under 30 have no idea what "Blossom" is or what that means, so that's usually generally safe. If someone's under 30, it's "Big Bang" all the way. But anyone over 30, it's often both. I was in "Beaches" a million years ago so I get every demographic."