Josh Henderson On Wendy Williams

"Dallas" hunk, Josh Henderson, joined Wendy Williams on her couch today to discuss his reaction to Larry Hagman's death, long distance love, how his mom is his social media gatekeeper, and having his photo plastered on a Times Square billboard.

Josh revealed the emotionally charged moment he found out about his "Dallas" co-star Larry Hagman's death, saying, "I was in the middle of the Grove and it was an odd experience because that's a very populated area. I'm like freaking out on this phone call and then people were asking to take pictures and stuff. So I was like, trying to smile but I really wanted to get out of there. It was a rough day, you know. Larry and I were very close. He's an amazing man."

Speaking about his love life, Josh revealed how he met his long-distance girlfriend. "Her name is Andrea [Boehlke]. She's an awesome girl. A friend of mine did a show called "Survivor". And she's played "Survivor" twice. They linked us up and we hit it off in the beginning and we're still together today. Almost nine months. Going on nine months. She lives here and I'm in Dallas and L.A., so it's long distance. It's tough."

A native Texan, Josh has discovered a lot more people he's related to since becoming famous. "My family, since I've been on the show, has grown. I have cousins and relatives I didn't know I had. Social networks, they can find you now. I try to do a little background check with my mom. 'Hey mom is this person legit'? Cause you know, I don't want to just welcome anybody because you never know. You never know who they might be. I watch Dateline and stuff like that a lot." Josh added his mother doesn't just vet family members, she also uses social media to set her son up on dates. "She'll be like, 'hey, so there's a girl that lives outside Dallas, she said she'd like to have lunch with you Josh, is that OK'? I'm like, are you playing matchmaker right now on Facebook? It kinda freaks me out. She's very involved."

Taking his visit to the Big Apple as an opportunity to see his face plastered on a Times Square billboard, Josh joked, "I shed a tear, yeah. No, you know, it's a once in a lifetime thing to have a billboard down there. I come from the country, man. To see myself in Times Square is like the craziest thing ever. To be honest, I took a selfie. I literally did one of these and then like seven people were like, 'hey is that', 'what in the world?' It was really funny. I caused a little bit of a scene."