Kevin Kline

Kevin Kline has two bad habits. Making boring movies is not one of them.

The debut issue of Rhapsody, United Airlines’ brand new lifestyle and literary magazine for its premium-cabin passengers, features a rare, in-depth profile of the legendary actor. Kline speaks candidly about smoking, gambling, and his favorite and not-so-favorite roles. Below are select quotes from the piece:

On his two major vices: “You know, I smoke cigarettes occasionally. And I curse sometimes, use bad words.”

On his worst films: “Once or twice I’ve seen the movies and thought, ‘This was exactly what I thought it would be when we made it. This is crap. I knew it was crap.’”

On retirement: “A lot of people retire too early. They’re forced to retire or they decide to retire. But unless they have really vital things that they love to do, it’s terrible.”

On watching The Big Chill for the first time: “When they screened it for me and Glenn [Close], I just remember we thought, ‘It’s a great movie to dance to.’”

On acting in The Ice Storm: “The most expressive, eloquent gesture, posture or speech can be where you’re saying nothing.”

On Last Vegas: “[the movie] is about growing up and all the adjustments we have to make, the accommodations and compromises. And the degradations of our physical entropy at work—just trying to reconcile that. You wake up one day and think, ‘Not that. Not my knees. My knees are giving out?’ There are these rude awakenings.”