The Saturdays

Have you ever wondered how pop stars stay in shape? Don’t worry it’s not as hard as it may seem, because, guess what -- they’re just like us!

Multi-platinum-selling UK girl group, The Saturdays, (who are recording their fourth album in the US), have less than traditional methods when it comes to staying in shape. When you have 11 top ten singles and three top ten albums, you must be doing something right!

For starters, the girls are all dog-crazy. With 10 dogs in total between the five girls, you can imagine how many times a day they’re taking their beloved pooches for a brisk stroll down Hollywood Blvd or a quick jog down the boardwalk. As Frankie would say, 'pugs not drugs!'

The Saturdays Vanessa, Una, Rochelle, Mollie And Frankie

The girls sneak as much cardio into their daily lives as possible. While planning Rochelle’s wedding, the girls were spotted running all around London for the big day. From cake tastings (just one bite of course) to dress fittings, the girls were on the go go go! Thank god they had worked up the stamina to keep up with their pals, One Direction on the dance floor at the reception. "My wedding was the best day of my life. It was lovely all my friends and family there. Harry and Niall spent the night going crazy on the dance floor".

Una is the only one of The Saturdays who has a baby. You can imagine what it takes juggling being a first time mom and a working professional. Want to know why all the girls have great arms? They pass baby Aoife Belle around in between photo shoots and she is always in someone’s arms. “Aoife has been loving life in LA so far, she's already a Beverley Hills fashionista" -Una

With Mollie being the world’s #1 Britney Spears fan, the girls are constantly dancing through fittings and in between recording sessions. "I've been to see all of Britney's tours and it's always been my dream to meet her. She's been amazing on the X Factor USA – I've been watching every week while we've been over here in America" -Mollie

Over the weekend the girls were spotted getting their Zen on as they were captured attempting warrior pose. Escaping for an hour to the Westside, the girls were able to finally slow down from their busy lives and just breathe!

So see?! Even if your day is as jam packed as The Saturdays, there is always a way to squeeze in a little exercise while spending quality time with your loved ones and breaking it down to Britney Spears.

Photos Courtesy Of:Coleman Rayner/Entertainment Fusion Group