The Original Dallas Cast

Iconic show “Dallas” is back in full force this summer, and so are its original stars! AARP The Magazine recently sat down with June/July cover stars Patrick Duffy, Larry Hagman, and Linda Gray, to discuss the old days as J.R., Bobby, and Sue Ellen, the new show, and what it’s like to return to the famed Ewing ranch!

Also, see below for a link to some exclusive behind the scenes shoot shenanigans!

On the new reboot: 

“The fun is just beginning."

"Let's be honest," says Duffy. "The only reason Dallas is being done now is because they can get J. R. back on the air. That character is as iconic as the ranch itself."

On why “Dallas” works even today:

"My theory," says Hagman, "is that everybody has a jerk like J.R. in the family, and they can identify with that." 

On the original “Dallas” cast: 

“"The turd doesn't fall far from the horse! The hardest part is sitting at the head of the table at Southfork, because Jim [Davis, playing Jock Ewing] always occupied that place — and the plots revolved around making Daddy proud."