One Bedroom Apartment At Dune Point

As we sit here today packing and making lists, we are so excited about returning to Dune Point Fire Island, to Petra Brehl's and Rick Dugas ocean fantasy getaway. The premiere place to stay in Cherry Grove, just got better.

I know they are going to amaze me this year. The two hotel guru's, who run their ocean paradise, have traveled the world once again to garner ideas for Dune Point and then rushed back to put them in motion. They continued to rip apart whats left of the old Dune Point and renovated more rooms with ideas they garnered from their world trips. Everything from the European bathrooms to the most modern kitchens. No detail has been left out, I know, because all winter I am in constant contact with Petra. I love reading about her and Rick's adventures around the globe and I love hearing about the changes they worked so hard to accomplish.

The New Renovated One Bedroom Kitchen

They have designed Dune Point with the idea of going green as much as possible. Anything and everything that could be used or saved was. The solid wood walls were taken down and re-cut and re-designed. Any other person would just have ripped them down and put up sheet rock, but Rick and Petra saved as much as they could, to preserve the old world wood and fixtures.

Going green is also not a cheaper way to go. It costs more, but you do something good for the planet. Everything from light fixtures to water consumption has been thought of to save energy and resources. Dune Point is also almost completely run by Solar Power. This was one of the first things that was done to help stop the footprint of Dune Point on the environment. Petra and Rick care and it shows.

Looking through the photos of some of the renovations, I was amazed at how much they saved of the old antique wood. This must have been very hard to do. Every piece had to be re-fitted and re-designed. But this is something Petra is so good at. Designing. She is a master. I have written once before about last summer with Petra sitting on the deck with blueprints and designing each and every room. I was amazed at the detail and more amazed that she knew how to do this. Almost every room at Dune Point is renovated now, with the few left being done next winter.

There is no other place to stay in Cherry Grove Fire Island, if you want comfort and quality. The other places just can not compare. Every room has kitchens and all the things you need to be a master chef are there. There are barbecues spread all around the Dune Point compound for the outside chef. Since Dune Point is right on the ocean, for those beach lovers, they have everything you need. Beach chairs and umbrellas are right on the oceans entrance for you to grab.


With master celebrity chef, Stephen Daniello returning this year to The Top Of The Bay Bistro, we now have a quality place to have a great meal and a great view of the Great South Bay. Those nights when I just want to sit at the bar or a table, and enjoy some of Stephens cuisine are very close at hand, as we are leaving for Dune Point on Thursday. Stephen will also be writing recipes for us on some of his best dishes and also has promised to stop by our Dune Point famed barbecue bashes to give us some tips. We hope Stephen will not be as tough on our cooking like Famed DJ Susan Levine was on our coffee making abilities. Last year she arrived late to our Dune Point Breakfast and announced to the world that my coffee sucked! Maybe this year, I'll have Stephen brew it!


Since I am on the subject of Miss Susan Levine, and her bitterness against my coffee, I am still excited to see that she is returning to Cherry's On The Bay. Nothing beats sipping a drink at the club, while listening to Susan Levine's tunes. Susan will also be writing for Times Square Gossip on what's hot in the clubs. Since Susan spins all over the country, she knows what everyone is listening and dancing too.

Cherry's On The Bay is always exciting and once again this year Charity will be in the house. He performances are show stoppers, and Charity is a legend in Cherry Grove. I love watching her shows while sipping some of the famous drinks Johny Pool whips up. She will be there every other Monday entertaining us as the sun sets over the bay. We also hear Sybil Bruncheon might be performing around Cherry Grove this season. What a summer this is going to be!


Jacque Piazza and partner Donna Bianco, who own Cherry's On The Bay, have partnered with the old owner of Jack's and created a new and exciting venue on the ocean, Sand Castle. Being that this is the only restaurant and bar on the ocean side, I am excited to try the place. They have been busy all winter with renovations, and interviewed many chefs to make sure the dining is top notch. I heard they found a great one and I know these girls are going to make the new Sand Castle on the ocean a great addition to Cherry Grove. I can't wait to try it.


I will be in and out of Cherry Grove all season, depending when there are rooms. Dune Point has become the hottest place to stay on Fire Island. Looking over their reservations on their website, rooms are going very quick. As I said, we are leaving on Thursday and staying as long as we can. We will be writing Times Square Gossip from Dune Point offices on the dock and we expect it to be Dune Points best season ever. Everyone is discovering that you can have quality in Cherry Grove, and that is Dune Point. The new and improved clubs and restaurants are also making Cherry Grove the shining star of Fire Island.

The majority of the businesses in Cherry Grove are following Petra and Rick's lead. They are renovating, they are hiring top notch talent, and their customer service can't be beat. The places I know are good, you will read about here. The ones that are not, you won't see them on these pages. If you don't see a place written about on Times Square Gossip, you can assume they suck big time.

Once again this season, Times Square Gossip readers will get a 10% discount at Dune Point. Just type in the code word "GOSSIP" at checkout and the savings are yours. Or call Petra at 631-597-6261 and tell her you want your Times Square Gossip Dune Point discount. You Dune Point key also gives you discounts at the top restaurants and clubs. Just ask at check-in.

Photos By: Petra Brehl/Dune Point Fire Island


Anonymous said…
Will make a reservation and I will let you know how the place was.Hope you are right, will be the first time on island.

John and Martin
Anonymous said…
Can I get that discount in June?
James Edstrom said…
Yes you can. Just give the code or call... Let me know how your trip went, I bet you will be happy..