Story By: James Edstrom

Sony PS Vita

I pre-ordered the Sony PS Vita for my son in December. How disappointed we were and I swear I will never buy another Sony product. The PS Vita arrived just in time for his birthday and right away the disappointments began. There was no memory card. They did not tell you that you had to buy that separate.

So as not wanting to ruin the kids birthday, we went everywhere looking for a memory card. It took all day to find a store that had one. Even the Sony store was out. When I complained, I was told I should have ordered the 3G model and that had the card. What a sham. I thought the bait and switch games were outlawed a long time ago. Reminds me of years ago, they used to sell you a new and expensive computer and when you got it home it did not have the most important wire. You had to buy that separate. It kills me that these companies do this and they get away with it. The old PSP had built in memory and now Sony has this new trick to make you spend more.

Now we spent all this extra money and the Sony Play Station network keeps going down for maintenance. Thousands of dollars of games from the old PSP system, that was supposed to work on the new PS Vita, don't. And the ones that do, they are charging you for. And everyone remembers when Sony got hacked and was down for months and all they gave their customers were a few cheap games. Even I would not want to play them.

I contacted the SONY Pictures press office by mistake and they e mailed me back saying they forwarded my e mail to the Sony Vita press department. I have received no response. Next time anything Sony comes out, you can count on us not being a customer.



I am lucky that I am online working so much of the time. The other night, I tried to sign into Facebook and I realized me account was stolen. I them tried to sign into my AOL accounts and they were hacked.

I called AOL right away, as in order for you to reset your Facebook accounts, you needed your e mail accounts for them to send reset links. Lucky I moved fast and restored all accounts, but I learned something about assholes that night.

First of all, this hacker spammed my friends list with a photo of some sneakers. I started getting some really nasty messages from people I knew 30 years ago. When I explained to them that my account was hacked, they even got nastier. What losers. I started thinking. Why are they even on my friends list, I hated them in High School and why did I even accept their friend request. I am very choosy about who I have on my friends list. I guess I was reminiscing, but this taught me to never look back. They were assholes then and they are assholes now. This is why I never go to my reunions. And besides, most of these losers were anti-gay and always the ones who tortured the gay kids in school. These are the same closet fags, who married and who over the years I would catch in the gay bars. I should tell their wives what fags their husbands are.

On another note, there were some very sweet messages of understanding from some of my newer friends. It amazes me that some people would get so upset about a pair of sneakers being posted on their wall. I am sorry I brought such horror into their lives!

On another note, Facebook needs to do something about their security. It seemed all the hacking started on Facebook. They got my e mail from there and followed the trail. I am very lucky I moved fast, but what about these people that are not always on the computer? A lot more damage could be done.


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