An Extended Excursion Into History Complete With Its Own Serial Killer

A Hobo Odyssey

A writer of family histories, as well as an autobiographical account of life growing up in a southern textile town, Larry O. Nichols now confirms his status as an author to contend with in the historical thriller genre with his latest book, A Hobo Odyssey (Warren Publishing).

A Hobo Odyssey is an accurate snapshot of a period in American history that depicts how common families dealt with poverty and hardship in the aftermath of World War I and the Great Depression that left many Americans jobless, homeless and starving; often forcing whole families to leave their roots and become vagabonds – riding the rails and stowing away on freight trains – in search of anything that would put food on the table. In the process, they often became hobos or drifters who were generally feared since desperation forces people to do desperate things.

Based on true events, A Hobo Odyssey captures the reader’s attention from the very first page with its real and engaging characters that draw readers into believing they are right alongside, sharing the same life journey and experiences with them. But life is often unpredictable, and soon readers get thrust into a fast-paced adventure filled with intrigue, mystery, fear and unrequited love.

When Steve and his friend Eddie took up the hobo life, it was with a different purpose in mind. They wanted to see the world outside of their home in South Carolina. While Steve originally wanted to see his birthplace in southwest Missouri, Eddie just went along for the ride. Never in their wildest dreams could they have imagined the adventures, danger and trickery they would encounter along the way.

Less than a few miles from home they run into a man known as Slim who happens to be a schizophrenic serial killer, tracking down and murdering hobos and tramps along the same route the young men have chosen. Their journey becomes a quest for survival that takes them through small towns along the railroad tracks as they beg, work and even steal for food – all the while making friends of diverse homeless men looking for work from one town to another, and defending themselves from the ones who would do them harm.

Life gets even more interesting for the pair when they join up with a traveling circus and encounter a brutal fighter who wants Steve to fight him for the prize money the circus has put up, but Steve is already fighting a battle within himself over a brutal beating he administered earlier to a hometown former friend that cost him the loss of Evelyn, a girl he thought he would someday marry. But fate played an unexpected role in Steve’s life…

The night before the two left their hometown, Steve had attended a dance where he caught the merest glimpse of a lady dressed in green velvet. While The Lady in Green had fled in a car before they could actually meet, he knew this mysterious, raven-haired beauty had captured his heart and that he would someday marry her. So now, while Steve’s days riding the rails are filled with excitement and danger, his nights are plagued by wonderful yet discomforting dreams and a longing to know more about The Lady in Green.

When Steve and Eddie cross paths once again with the serial killer, the breakneck pacing of the story carries readers through terrifying twists and turns to the climactic ending that makes for one thrilling read impossible to put down!

Receiving five-star reviews on, Larry Nichols’ convincing tale of the exploits and dangers the two encounter in The Hobo Odyssey leaves readers wanting more from this highly imaginative writer. For more information please visit HERE.