Petra Brehl Welcomes You To Dune Point

We are planning our September vacation to Cherry Grove Fire Island for Cherry's On The Bay's annual Christmas party on the 17th.

We just love our off season vacations at our favorite place in the world, Dune Point. During the month of September, Cherry Grove has their Christmas and Halloween parties and they are so magical. The weather is always beautiful and even if it rains, magic is still in the air.

We do go out to Cherry Grove during the summer, but September is the month we love the most, because most of the world is back into their 9 to 5 grind and working, and we are ready to relax. On the rare occasion when we are up early in Times Square, we watch thousands of people running to their office to start their day. It is a sick sight to see.

We just can not understand how people live their life this way. Everyday the same thing. They get on a train from Long Island or other locations, they travel 2 hours to get to work, they kill themselves all day long at the office, then they start their commute home for another 2 hours. They go to bed and wake up the next morning to do the same thing. I could never understand this. I guess because I am a free spirit and I am such a night person. Since these nine to fivers vacation in the summer like clockwork, we prefer our time off at Dune Point in Cherry Grove off season.

The love and the magic is in the air in September in Cherry Grove. With the Christmas and Halloween parties and the beautiful days, this is the time to relax. My favorite memories are with Dune Point's Petra Brehl, sitting under the overhang at Dune Point in a rain and thunder storm, drinking red wine, passing around the shrimp and cheese platter and forgetting about the rest of the world and just enjoying the beauty of Dune Point and Cherry Grove. These memories are priceless for me and my kid John.

There are no cars on this tiny island vacation resort. Instead of waking up to horns and traffic, you wake up to beautiful sunshine and always a wild deer at your doorstep, stopping by to say hello. We spend our days barbecuing and meeting the other cool guests staying at Dune Point and if we want to party a little, theres always Cherry's On The Bay. Cherry's has great food and great drinks. They have the top DJ's, including Miss Susan Levine. Susan Levine reminds me of the talented DJ's from Studio 54 and the Limelight in New York City in the 70s and 80s. Susan can feel the crowd, she knows what they need and this is a talent that has been lost in this computer age. Susan Levine is a icon in her own right.

So September is our vacation month at Dune Point. Every room has kitchens and everything you may need, plates, silverware etc. Outside almost every door is a barbecue. Dune Point has wonderful ocean views and supplies every beach item you may need. Chairs and umbrellas are on the deck for any guest to grab and use.

Since the summer is winding down at that time, the Grove Market is limited to what they have, so we order tons of food from Peapod on the mainland. They deliver right to the ferry and have it sent right over. We do this at anytime of the year, as the prices in the Grove Market would make you think about getting a second mortgage. Dune Point's Petra Brehl will meet you at the dock with her staff and help you bring everything over to the hotel. If you want to cook in the newly renovated kitchens or barbecue, this is the way to go. Peapod will have the meats and anything that needs to be chilled packed in ice, so everything arrives fresh. They even send over the beer chilled. Not all the rooms are done being renovated, so be sure to look at the photos on Dune Points site to pick one of the new rooms, but even the old style rooms are great. It's not just the rooms at Dune Point, it's the staff. They cater to your every need and the love you feel from Petra Brehl will follow you way after your vacation.

So September is Times Square Gossip's month at Dune Point. If you are planning one last vacation or maybe a wedding in one of the several Gazebo's at Dune Point, this is one trip I am sure you will enjoy. And Times Square Gossip readers always get 10% off their stay at Dune Point. Just type in the word "GOSSIP" at checkout, and the vacation begins. Or you can just call Petra Brehl at 631-597-6261 and tell her you want your Times Square Gossip discount. I am sure this will be a vacation to remember.


Eddie said…
I too am a big fan of Dune Point, Petra and her staff. Question: Does Peapod deliver all the way to the ferry in Cherry Grove or do they just deliver to the ferry departure dock in Sayville? If so how do you do that? Do you arrange for delivery at the time you are taking the ferry from Sayville? Thanks for any information. Whenever we go we always lug a ton of groceries from Manhattan, and this sounds like a better option.
James Edstrom said…
They deliver to the Sayville ferry dock....The boat crew will bring it to the cherry grove dock and you have to be there to pick it up.

The freight is real cheap. I had so much stuff, so many crates and the freight was only 14 bucks. I was so happy, I tipped the guy 10 bucks. Expected it to be much more. After you un-load all your food, just bring the crates back to the dock and leave them there. The next ferry will take them back at no charge. Ordering food from Peapod saved me hundreds of dollars. At quart of milk alone at the Grove Market is 2.99, while at Peapod it was 2.99 for a gallon at the time. The savings are huge. Peapod has a system, they let you pick a timeframe to have it delivered and you just have to meet that ferry. I was really amazed and very happy with the order. Order the sweet corn too, it was the best!