In this weeks Steppin' Out magazine, Kate Major talks to celebrity journalist Chaunce Hayden to lash out at Dr. Drew for "setting her up" to look bad on Season 5 of Celebrity Rehab. To make matters worse next weeks episode is rumored to make Kate look even worse than this past weeks train wreck!

Kate Major In Steppin Out Magazine

Chaunce Hayden: How surprise where you to watch Dr. Drew call you an alcoholic and addict during this past weeks "Celebrity Rehab"?

Kate Major: I’m appalled that Dr. Drew who is supposed to be a professional would say those things about me. It’s completely out of line. I really can’t get over the fact that he would judge me like that and make me look like an addict and an alcoholic in front of the whole world. I have no respect for him at all. If I have failed a drug test or tested for alcohol than fine. He can say what he wants. But to just make these things up is just wrong. I wasn’t even a patient of his. He just completely embarrassed me and I feel I have nowhere to turn to defend myself. My family saw it. Now I have to defend myself against something that is so unfair and so untrue. I think Dr. Drew should worry about his own marriage and his own issues because he certainly isn’t perfect. They made me look like a crazy person and I can only imagine it was for ratings. But why me and not the other family members?

I am considering legal action but I don’t want to throw more fuel into the fire and give it more attention. At the same time I feel very helpless. I’m so hurt that a professional doctor could ruin my image and evaluate me without even knowing me or treating me. I never heard of such a thing. I’m definitely not going to let it go. I would really like an apology. But I don’t think he would ever do that. I would love to face him face to face and tell him how I feel. It’s slander and it’s defamatory. It’s just not right. It’s definitely had an impact on me. I just don’t see how he can get away with it. I moved away to get away from all the negative media attention and I was so happy. Now all this stuff comes up from last March and it’s just destroyed me.

Any last words for Dr. Drew?

Just leave me alone. Don’t have dinner next to me and be nice to my face than stab me in the back. I was drinking Diet Coke all night while we were having dinner. He’s just a quack doctor. That’s how I look at him. Just publicity hungry, fake quacked out doctor. I know you need drama for reality TV but you don’t ruin a person’s reputation like he does to all his patients. I don’t know how he gets away with it. No professional doctor that I know would ever do that.

He described you as an addict and an alcoholic. That’s pretty hardcore on national television.

I was very pissed off. Are you kidding me? I signed a waiver to be on the show for the family weekend, but I never thought they would use a personal phone call between me and Michael. I had no idea they were going to portray me that way. How can Dr. Drew diagnosis me when I was never drunk in his presence. They never gave me a Breathalyzer and they never treated me for anything. I don’t know if I should sue them or not. But I can tell you Dr. Drew definitely owes me an apology. I went on the show to support Michael and they made me look like an addict and an alcoholic.