Renee Zellweger

Sexy Hollywood actress Renee Zellweger spent Christmas with Bradley Cooper's mother.They were spotted shopping together. The stars began dating in the summer and now Renee is proving how serious she is about Bradley by spending their holidays together with his parents, Gloria and Charlie, in Los Angeles California. Renee was spotted strolling with the Coopers in Venice. An source told the actress made an extra effort to impress Bradley's Italian-American mother, asking her to help pick out her favorite delicacies as they browsed the deli. The source says, "Renee seems to get along really well with Bradley's parents. "Bradley's mom is Italian-American and it was obvious that Renee was making an effort to impress Bradley's mom with Christmas dishes. Renee was in a great mood and seemed very happy."
Photos By: Sara De Boer/Retna