Marilyn Manson

The keyboardist who sued gender bender Marilyn Manson for more than $20 million is taking away with $380,000 after the fighting rock stars settled in court. Lip stick wearing Marilyn reached a settlement with Stephen Bier, also known by stage names Madonna Wayne Gacy and Pogo, on December 11th, following a two-year battle in the courts. The $20 million suit, which Bier filed in 2007, accused Manson of breach of contract, alleging the star used money from their former band partnership to buy personal goods including gifts for his ex-wife Dita Von Teese. Manson claimed the band's partnership was dissolved in 1996, but Bier, who left the group in 2007, was still adamant he should still be entitled to a share of revenue. The former friends came to a stalemate, and Manson promptly took to the Internet to dismiss rumors he gave in to Bier's demands. According to the Associated Press, Bier is still receiving a substantial $380,000 payout, but Manson won't pay it directly. Manson's insurance company will hand over $175,000, while Bier's former business managers will pay the remainder.
Photo By: Sara De Boer/Retna